Mod Lets You Really Play The Battles Of Crusader Kings III


Crusader Kings III: As a rule, the Crusader Kings franchise gives the player the opportunity to participate in several battles controlling different units, but without knowing what exactly is happening with a specific member of it. However, a mod released on the net recently for Crusader Kings III changes this gameplay pattern a bit.

The procedures are courtesy of the Crusader Blade mod, and require the use of the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord game. To take control of a specific member of the units available in the third Crusader King, you need to pause the game while you’re in battle and switch to Mount & Blade and back to CKIII thereafter.

Check out a little of how this mechanic works in the following video:

It’s worth mentioning, however, that the mod considers the size and composition of the units (including their qualities here) and then maintains the same percentages – so if your army of 10,000 men in Crusader Kings III, it might be perceived as only a thousand in modification and make a similar mix of both knights and archers. That way, if you lose 6% of archers in Mount & Blade, the same amount will be subtracted in CKIII.