Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Maxi Boost On, analysis


We analyze the version for PlayStation 4 of this fighting arcade based on the Gundam series, offering a large number of characters and extra content

Little can be said about Gundam. One of the most popular series on the manganime scene and with a myriad of series under its belt that have been expanding the phenomenon through its variants of the original robot as well as its protagonists. In video games there have been several titles that the series has given to date, such as the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Gundam: Target in Sight and other titles, unpublished in these borders, which we review in a report dedicated to the mechas in video game.

The Gundam Versus series has been one of those that has been gaining presence through its latest games, which have been adapted from the original arcade games that appeared in Japanese salons. Although in the past we were left without Gundam Extreme VS and its subsequent Full Boost revision as the versions appeared on PlayStation 3 of these games did not come out, although we did see the title Gundam Versus for PlayStation 4 that appeared three years ago. This time we get the conversion of the Gundam Extreme VS MaxiBoost On, a title that follows the guidelines seen in previous installments with some adjustments and a wide range of game modes, Mobile Suit and extra content to choose from.

This title lacks a story mode, offering instead several game modes in which to participate in battles against various enemies, showing in some of them the most iconic confrontations of the franchise, such as the last battle of Amuro Ray and Char Aznable. in the first Gundam series. The main mode, and one of the first in the selection list, is the Branch Battle mode in which, after choosing a Mobile Suit among the 183 models available from the game’s roster (ranging from the different series and films of the Universal Century to Iron -Blooded Orphans, through others such as Gundam Crossbone and Gundam Build Fighters), you can start a cycle of battles between five routes of different difficulty to later move to a lattice map where there will be various branches to choose from, depending on the situation in it , with each one of them, with some exceptions, a normal confrontation but also an EX combat scenario of greater difficulty. The final enemy of each route is the same, the Extreme Gundam Mk. II of the Gundam EXA VS series, with the difference that the greater the difficulty of the route, the more powerful this boss will be and may have allies that will complicate the confrontation.

In this mode you have the support of an allied unit controlled by the AI, although it has two variants that allow you to play in local cooperative with a second controller or through the online connection. On your own, you can change your partner’s behavior by pressing the L1 button with several different options, including evading attacks, staying together or dispersing. The combat takes place through several scenarios of different Gundam series, delimiting the confrontations to a delimited area, with the objective of defeating all the enemy units present in the combat area avoiding in any case the destruction of the allied units, which The Force Gauge will decrease with each respawn of friendly units. If this is emptied completely it will result in defeat in combat. At the end of the confrontation, the total score of the combat is counted, deducting points for each destruction of the Mobile Suit controlled, and this will be added to the total score in this mode, having, in the case of being defeated, the option to continue the game without losing the score.


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