Mobile solutions that connect people with disabilities to life


Mobile applications and solutions developed for people with disabilities not only make their life easier, but also connect them to life.


There are many devices that make life easier for people with disabilities. An electric wheelchair is much easier to move around compared to a manual chair, increasing its user’s ability to get out freely. A portable ramp increases access to buildings with stairs. The importance of these for the disabled person is indisputable, but when it comes to private life, extra requirements arise.

A person who cannot use their hands at all or partially will have difficulty calling someone on their phone. It’s not just about searching, opening a TV show/movie or listening to music is one of their ‘simple’ challenges. Fortunately, developing technology has brought solutions to such problems. We wanted to talk about mobile applications and solutions that make life easier for people with disabilities.

Mobile applications and solutions for people with disabilities

AI-powered voice assistants

Today, all smartphones have voice assistants. While Android operating systems have Google Assistant, iPhones use Siri. Voice assistants, which most of us do not usually need or use for entertainment purposes, are indispensable for individuals with disabilities. While a citizen may have difficulty in using his hands to send a message to a close person, he can easily fulfill his request thanks to the assistant.

Of course, calling or sending messages isn’t the only job of voice assistants. For example, Google Assistant performs the user’s reservations thanks to its artificial intelligence-supported “Duplex” feature. She makes an appointment for you by calling the hairdresser, restaurant or any place you want. Moreover, Duplex itself handles all the phone calls. Although this service, which will provide great convenience for hearing impaired individuals it is very pleasing to be aware of its existence.

Voice assistants can also handle daily tasks such as sending messages via WhatsApp, turning on songs, turning the room light on and off, turning on the coffee machine and more.

Package service applications

When we do not want to cook at home, we prefer to eat something from outside. We call on the phone and order at home or we go and eat on the spot. The situation is no different for disabled citizens. However, it may not be possible for a person who is hard of hearing to call the restaurant by phone. Likewise, the individual living with a wheelchair may not be able to go out for any reason. Even if he does, he may not be able to go to the cafe/restaurant where he can reach the product he wants, due to the unsuitability of the living spaces on the street.

This is where takeaway applications come into play. Whether it’s food or grocery shopping; Regardless of what it is, we can order even a simple bagel to our home, thanks to mobile applications. It should not be thought of as just food. You don’t have to go out and shop around the electronics store to buy even a USB cable you need.

Package service applications, which are already well integrated into the lives of individuals without disabilities, are still indispensable for disabled citizens.

Accessibility features

We continue our list of mobile solutions that make life easier for people with disabilities with accessibility features. Every smartphone has an “Accessibility” menu that most of us never know or ignore. Here are many features that enable disabled people to facilitate their mobile device.

If you have a visual impairment, especially if you have difficulty reading small text, you can have everything you touch with your hand voiced by your phone, thanks to the “speaking out the screen” function. Also, in case of color blindness, you can use the invert colors feature to invert the color values ​​on the screen. Again, this convenience, which is found in every phone, increases the contrast ratio and makes the colors more selective.

Among the accessibility features, we can say that one of the most useful is audio description. This feature, which is available on select phones, explains what’s going on in the videos with the finest detail. It is currently in almost all series and movies on Netflix.

The subtitle feature, which is ubiquitous to social media applications, describes everything from the conversations in the video to the background music and sound effects..


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