Mobile phone imports increased by 31% in Brazil


In 2020, e-commerce was boosted during the pandemic caused by Covid-19, as many consumers could not leave the house to buy the product, but needed or wanted to have it, something that helped the economy to maintain itself in an attractive flow so that many companies could survive the chaos.

However, with regard to the import part, a roller coaster forms on the graph, since cell phone imports ended up having an increase in relation to 2019, even with all the dollar impasses above the forecast and the clear uncertainties that took over the market in this period.

According to the Mobile Time website, Brazil spent 31% more in 2020 than in the previous year, having a total spending of US $ 642 billion (~ R $ 3.439 trillion) on smartphone imports, where the main country of origin of products is China, where the most popular stores in the imported sector are present.

However, according to Telesynthesis, this growth ended up not being the same pace as for exports in the electronics sector in general. This is because there was a retraction of 6.9%, totaling US $ 29.85 billion, showing that certain products are no longer shipped here in the country.

However, an important point to highlight is related to the import of computer products, since many people had to upgrade the machine to manage the home office, standing out with a growth of 3.2%, from US $ 1.91 billion (~ R $ 10 billion).

It is not yet known how these sectors will be in 2021, as many things have changed in the last few months and the market tends to become more positive, especially in the second half, where most of Brazil’s main trading partners will already have the highest production .


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