Mobile Operator Is Invaded And Customers Are Effected


Visible, North American mobile operator “low-cost” Verizon, confirmed that several users had their accounts hacked last Monday (11). According to the company, the criminals used data from “external sources” for access.

To The Verge, the company said it worked to contain the problem since it learned of the case. However, the operator did not mention what measures were taken to protect customers.

Earlier this week, several customers reported receiving emails from Visible about changing passwords and registration addresses. People also noticed unauthorized operator charges on their credit card statement and PayPal.

On Reddit, a consumer revealed that the attackers used his bank details to buy an iPhone 13. Another user claimed that his account was hacked the day after subscribing to the phone service.

Invasion confirmed

This Wednesday (13), the company published an official note about the case. According to the company, the internal investigation identified that the hacks occurred because criminals found user data from external sources.

Following the pattern, Visible recommended that customers change the password to access the platform. However, the operator itself turned off the password reset system and, when trying to carry out the process, people began to encounter an error message.


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