Mobile Data Usage Has Increased Over 1000% In 8 Years


Mobile Data: A study released this June by Couponation analyzed the use of mobile data over the years and noted that the estimate is that, by the end of 2026, the sum of global traffic on mobile devices will be 33.7 GB per month .

In this year in which we are still experiencing some reflexes of the coronavirus pandemic in various parts of the world, the average global internet use for smartphones has been 12.1 GB – in direct comparison with 2014, when this mark was around 1 GB per device, the study states that there was an increase of more than 1000% in the use of this technology in the sum of all countries.

In addition to the data in the above graph, another detail brought by the study is the fact that in 2020, more precisely in the third quarter, a previous survey by the company revealed that Brazilians paid, on average, R$ 5.41 for every 1 GB used on your devices.