MOA celebrates Yeonjun’s birthday, learn about his story


TXT’s Yeonjun celebrates his 21st birthday (22 in Korean age) and MOA shows his all his love. BigHit’s group is celebrating a special day for one of its members, in South Korea it is already September 13, so MOA wants to express its love for Yeonjun in his new year of life. The idol, originally from Bundang-gu city, Seongnam, managed to fulfill his dream as a K-pop star alongside TXT.


On social media, MOA created the hashtag # 4thGenItBoyYeonjun to share their messages of love and congratulations on Yeonjun’s birthday, who becomes a 22-year-old boy and despite being so young, he has had great success with TXT. The idol occupies the position of rapper and dancer within the K-pop group.

Yeonjun began his story within Tomorrow X Together after training for five years, honing his skills to become a member of the agency’s new group, and was the first member to be revealed. Before pursuing his dream as a K-pop star, he lived in America for a couple of years as a child, so he can speak English fluently.


Before being able to debut in the Korean industry, Yeonjun proved to be a prodigy trainee, before BigHit, he auditioned for agencies like Cube Entertainment and WH Ent, although he did not achieve his mission, but fate would have prepared his story with TXT, although always He stood out in each of the positions in which he practiced, vocal, dancer or rap.

MOA has posted favorite photos and videos of the singer to celebrate his birthday, from pre-release images, as well as each of the moments they have shared with Yeonjun and hope he can continue to fulfill his dreams. Among the singer’s curiosities, the idol likes the color blue, his Chinese zodiac sign is the rabbit and in the song of “Cat & Dog” he decided to make the canine sounds. LOL

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Through the official TXT account, the idol posted a photo holding a clock and celebrating his birthday at midnight, Yeonjun is still the oldest member of the group, his selfie has already registered more than 50 thousand likes and 30 thousand RT.


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