MOA celebrates its first anniversary as a TXT fandom


TXT’s MOA celebrates its one-year anniversary as a K-pop fandom. In South Korea, it’s already August 22, so Tomorrow X Together fans are celebrating the first year since they received their official name from BigHit idols. K-pop fans represent an important part in the trajectory of Korean groups and carry a special meaning in their name.


For a year, the members of TXT decided what to call their fans, they looked for a name that would be representative in their lives, since the concept of the group is to seek a common dream, so each goal achieved throughout their career they will share it with MOA, which means “Moments of Alwayness” (Moments of always).

The promise to walk together for eternity is also part of the official motto of the group, the greeting that TXT makes in each presentation is: One Dream, We are TOMORROW X TOGETHER! In social networks, MOA has shared various messages of congratulations among the fans, because for some it is like their family or group of friends with a common goal: to support the boys of TXT.


They also published videos to compile the times that the K-pop group has mentioned the name of the fandom, their gratitude for the support received in each of their releases and the meaning that MOA has in their career, since they have been recognized since the debut of TXT like the best rookies and his career is promising.

The first time they were officially greeted as MOA was after the Soribada Awards ceremony, they also have a special greeting, as the boys say “MO” and the fans respond with an A. The fandom even got a certificate to name a star like MOA in the universe.

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This gift was registered today as part of their anniversary celebration, it is located in the constellation Can Mayor, where Sirius is located, considered the brightest star on Earth, MOA will illuminate TXT from the sky.

Through TXT’s official account, the members shared photos and special messages for their fandom. Congratulations MOA!


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