Mnet reaps scorn from Korean netizens after targeting the United States to hold ‘MAMA’


General manager Kim Hyunsoo’s statement at the ‘2021 MAMA’ press conference drew criticism from South Korean netizens. Today, November 16, 2021, the ‘2021 MAMA‘ award ceremony has concluded a press conference attended by various high-ranking CJ ENM and Mnet officials.

Through the press conference, general manager Kim Hyun Soo said, “We will expand the venue to Asia and the surrounding region, and hold MAMA in the United States. We will expand our influence around the world and strengthen our position.”

The statement from Kim Hyunsoo immediately reaped scorn from South Korean netizens through the Pann community site.

“It’s ridiculous they’re holding MAMA anywhere other than Korea, why would they want to have it in the US…? Are they crazy?… I want singers to be treated well”

“Why is the Asian Music Awards held in the US?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“??? Why is the K-Pop award ceremony held in the US?”

“For Japan and Hong Kong… I can understand it because it’s Asia, but the US? They really are crazy about money.”

“Isn’t this the Mnet Asian Music Awards? Will they change the award ceremony name again?”

“Crazy… Sooner or later this name will change to the World Music Awards”

What is the response to the Mnet target that has received scorn from the netizens above?