Mnet confirms positive for COVID-19 on “I-LAND”


Mnet has revealed that a member of the cleaning staff has tested positive for COVID-19, on the I-LAND program.

Dispatch recently reported that a cleaning service member of the Mnet I-LAND program has tested positive for COVID-19. This news has been confirmed by the company in a statement.

Mnet commented to the media the following:

We have been taking great care to carry out preventive measures such as keeping a record of all the people who visit the set, collecting health questionnaires and measuring body temperature. However, we have sadly had a case of COVID-19 on set.

The ‘I-LAND’ assembly was shut down and closed, and has been disinfected. We have informed the staff and the contestants that there was a positive case and for their safety, all of them will also be evaluated

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