MMORPG Elyon closes after just a year online


After less than a year of existence in North America and Europe, the free MMORPG Elyon is preparing to close its doors. Gamers can still play MMO for a few more months, although they cannot make purchases, and new content or updates will not be introduced into the game.

Initially, Elyon was released in Korea back in 2020, and a year later servers were opened in North America and Europe. The game is one of several MMORPGs published by Kakao Games, a Korean company also known for releasing the popular free MMORPG Black Desert Online, as well as Korean versions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Path of Exile. Similar to Black Desert Online, Elyon has a combo-based skill system that resembles action games more than the traditional tab-targeting gameplay used in MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14. Elion has struggled to retain players from the very beginning, a problem compounded by the presence of several high-profile MMORPG releases in the past year.

Unfortunately for the few hundred remaining regular players, Kakao Games and developer Bluehole Studio decided to discontinue Elion service in North America and Europe, citing “instability of key performance indicators.” A very low retention rate among new players, along with a steadily declining population, made Elion clearly too expensive to maintain. The peak number of players in the entire history of Elion has reached 15,400, while the average number of players over the past 30 days has dropped to a paltry 140. Elion’s drastic loss of experience and disappointing forced PVP system are a few common complaints that make players give up. in the game, despite the interesting fight.

Elyon servers will be open until December 7, and players who purchased the premium currency KCoin between July 1 and September 7 can receive a refund if they did not convert it into rubies. Despite the recent closure, gamers looking for a new home will find that there are still many great free MMOs to dive into.

Unfortunately, this is not the first MMORPG to announce its closure this year, as the long-running MMO game TERA shut down its Western servers after a 10-year hiatus in early June. Bless Unleashed also announced the end of the console this November, and the PC version is likely to follow, as the game has lost most of its average player base since launch. It is extremely difficult for new MMORPGs to break into the market when players are already devoted to their favorites, especially if they have been playing these games for many years.

Elion is currently available on PC.


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