MLB World’s reaction to the news about the shooting in Oakland A. The Spun: What’s trending in the sports world today


After celebrating fireworks at the conclusion of the Oakland A’s game on July 4 against the Blue Jays, at least four people were injured in a shooting at the team’s stadium.

Three baseball fans were injured and a fourth was taken to a local hospital after what authorities called a “celebratory shooting,” according to Oakland police.

On Tuesday, “A” published a statement about this.

After yesterday’s fireworks display after the Oakland game, officers were notified of a possible shooting victim at the stadium. During a preliminary investigation, officers found three fans struck by bullet fragments, which appeared to be a celebratory shooting that took place throughout the city of Oakland. The fourth victim was taken to a local hospital. All four victims received injuries incompatible with life.

… This is an ongoing investigation … OPD will continue to work closely with Oakland A’s security team to ensure the safety of all those attending future A’s games at the Coliseum.

The MLB world reacted to the news on social media.

“SMFH,” one user replied.

“People are so [expletive] stupid,” said fan A.

“Oh my God,— Brian Heather commented.

“July 4: One team cancels fireworks due to mass shooting, another team reports that fans at the stadium were hit by “bullet fragments as a result of what appears to be a celebratory shooting,” Bill Sheikin tweeted.

“Super scary,” another fan replied. “How do people not understand the concept of what goes up, should go down? Someone’s kids are fucking stupid. I’m glad that the victims will be all right.”

OPD is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.