MLB World’s Reaction to Albert Pujols’ Sunday Performance


Twenty-one years later, the “Machine” is still alive.

On Sunday, Albert Pujols turned back time with his two-man performance; slamming the first into the Ground of a Big Mac and launching the second 443 feet into left-center.

The MLB world loved it.

“ALBERT PUJOLS WITH A MOONSHOT,” the DraftKings Sportsbook website tweeted.

“ALBERT PUJOLS! that is. HERE’s A Tweet!”

“LIGHT ME UP, ALBERT PUJOLS!!” said Ben Verlander.

“Pujols is making a STATEMENT today,” FOX Sports: MLB tweeted.

“Albert Pujols just brought down the whole house,” commented Brenden Schaeffer. “It was one of the most epic bat poses of his career. Wow.”

Good afternoon, Albert!


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