MLB World Reacts to Madison Bumgarner Home Run Controversy


Madison Bamgarner wasn’t thrilled with what Victor Robles was doing on Saturday night.

Robles hit a home run off him in the top of the eighth inning and admired it going down the first base line.

Bamgarner thought it was stupid, especially since the Nationals were losing 7-1 during Robles’ homer.

“This guy is a clown,— Bamgarner said. “No shame, no shame. It’s 7:1, you hit your third number of the year, and you’re acting like Barry Bonds, breaking the record (home run). Get yourself cleaned up. I’m a grumpy old guy, but there are things that haven’t happened before.”

Baseball fans disagree with Bamgarner’s assessment of the situation.

“Oh, yes, it’s a much more stylish move to whine about it to journalists,” said one fan.

“Go get him out of the pool,” another fan said.

Despite the fact that many fans and media representatives oppose Bamgarner, it is unlikely that he will change his mind.


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