MLB World Reacts to Dodgers Trade Rumors


The MLB trade deadline is fast approaching, and as usual, the Los Angeles Dodgers are expected to become big players in an attempt to win the race for the NL West title.

According to MLB insider Ken Rosenthal, the Dodgers are hoping to acquire a right-hander who plays in the outfield now that Mookie Betts is out for the foreseeable future. The Dodgers have several plans for this.

One of the ideas is to acquire any player they can get, at the lowest possible price. The other is to potentially promote third baseman Miguel Vargas from AAA, where he has been excellent this season.

Baseball fans immediately flooded Twitter in response to Rosenthal’s tweet. Almost everyone has an idea of who the Dodgers might try to get under Rosenthal’s restrictions. Some of them are realistic, some are not:

The Los Angeles Dodgers found themselves in a rather rare position: they are not the best team in the National League and do not have an overwhelming lead in the race for the title in their division.

As of Monday, the Dodgers have a 40-25 record and are four games behind the New York Mets for first place in the National League. But NL West is even cooler.

The San Diego Padres are currently 41-27 — half a game behind the Dodgers. Meanwhile, the San Francisco Giants aren’t far behind with a 37-28 record.

Suffice to say, the Dodgers probably could use a boost in the second half of the season.