MLB World Reacts to Derek Jeter’s Golf Video – The Spun: What’s Trending in the Sports World Today


It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since the Captain last wore stripes, but Derek Jeter has shown he hasn’t lost an ounce of charisma since retiring.

Competing in the American Family Insurance Championship over the weekend (which he won, by the way), Jeter chatted back and forth nonchalantly with a member of the gallery before making the perfect drive and dressing the young fan.

The MLB world reacted to Jeter’s clip on social media.

“IMAGINE NOT LOVING THIS PERSON,” a Yankees fan commented in capital letters.

“Dude, I miss the way this guy competes,” the New Yorker wrote.

“Jeter is the best.”

“I love him,” another user said.

“The coolest athlete in the world,” Danny Sexton wrote. “I LOVE Derek Jeter.”


“It doesn’t matter which team this guy played for,” the Philadelphia fan replied. “A great actor and role model! A great person for all time.”

“I will turn you into a fan from Michigan…” — quotes Chris Balas from .

The premiere of a six-part documentary about the life and career of Derek Jeter will take place on July 18.