MLB Team Apologizes For Shameful Ball Theft Video


Washington citizens apologized on behalf of one of their fans.

Earlier this week, a video of an “adult male” intercepting a ball intended for a group of young girls went viral on social media. The ball was thrown by Nationals first baseman Joey Meneses before Thursday’s game against the Oakland A’s.

“A grown man stole a baseball from a little girl,” Gina Hilliard, the mother of a young fan, wrote on Twitter. “Can you ask Joey Menezes to sign a baseball and send it to my daughter?”

The Nationals invited Hilliard’s daughter and her Shenandoah Rec League teammates to a game as part of the Youth Champions Day.

Since then, a team representative has addressed Hilliard with an apology and a special gift.

“Thank you, @Nationals, for contacting and apologizing after learning that our experience that night negatively affected us,” Hilliard wrote in a social media update. “They send something in our direction and hope that it will serve as a symbol of a good experience in the park, not a bad one!”

The Citizens currently have the worst result in the NL East – 48-88. The team will face the St. Louis Cardinals this evening.


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