MLB reporter Kelsey Wingert will get married in 11 days, she will have a scar at the wedding after an incident with a ball with a violation of the rules: photo


Return to the game. MLB reporter Kelsey Wingert is recovering from being hit in the head by a 95 mph line drive with a little help from some of her Colorado Rockies colleagues.

“My parents live in Texas. My fiance and I have a house in Georgia, so when it happened in Denver, I was “alone.” Then my CEO and his wife looked after me in their house for a few days until I was allowed to fly. It was only the second time I met his wife!”

The couple held Wingert’s hand throughout the experience—sometimes literally, including when she had a “panic attack in the hospital because of the thought of needles.”

She continued: “[There was] no trial. It meant so much.”

The official correspondent of the Colorado Rockies sat at the first base camera during the team’s game on May 16 against the San Francisco Giants. In the ninth inning, Rockies pitcher Daniel Bard threw the ball to Austin Slater of the Giants, who hit the ball with a foul and flew into the stands towards Wingert.

“Hey guys, I’m hanging in there. I’m sorry that I can’t reply to messages yet. I hit right in the forehead at 95 miles per hour,” the journalist wrote in her Instagram story two days later. “I had internal and external stitches because of the depth of the wound. They hope the scar won’t be too scary for [my upcoming] wedding [to fiancee Casey Lynch]! I slept with the Woodmans [so in the original], who quickly became a family. I can’t say enough about how the network and the organization treated me. I’ve never experienced anything like this.”

The incident occurred just 19 days before Wingert’s June 6 wedding and shortly after she moved from Georgia, where she recently bought a house with Lynch, to Colorado. “Before that, I started a new cross—country job, we just bought a house in Atlanta, and I was planning a wedding, so I didn’t have a second to breathe,” she told Us, adding that it took her a while to process the whole experience.

“Today was the first day I’ve been alone since all this happened, so it was very emotional, with a lot of processing of everything I’ve been through,” she said Wednesday, adding that it was “really the first day in my life.” I had to think for months.”

Despite the storm of emotions that Wingert has been going through since she was injured, the journalist is trying to focus on the positive moments of her life. “It’s just a lot to take in, but I’m also so grateful because I know it could have been a lot worse,” she explained. “I am very grateful for my faith, because it was able to give me a better perspective than if I didn’t have it to rely on and rely on.”

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How is she recovering

“I was recovering, just resting a lot,” Wingert told us, adding that after the injury she “probably slept about 18 hours a day.” “I’ve been working on just sleeping longer during the day,” she continued. “Today is the first day I haven’t slept all day! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to train, and this is the last thing the bride wants to hear a few weeks before the wedding!

About the scar on his forehead before the wedding

The Louisiana State University graduate was injured almost three weeks before her wedding day, and she is working to come to terms with the fact that her new scar will be present in photos from this big day. “[The consequences] were severe psychologically, as you can imagine, for someone who gets married in 11 days and for someone who works in television,” Wingert said. “It’s hard for me to come to terms with the scar on my forehead, but I know that he looks his best, and this is the worst thing that can happen right now! So [I] try to stay positive and grateful that I didn’t have a traumatic brain injury/internal bleeding.”

When will she get back to work

Even after suffering such a traumatic incident, Wingert hopes to return to his beloved work as soon as possible. “I’ll be back to work after the wedding,” she said, adding, “I still have follow—up appointments with the doctor I’m visiting in Georgia for follow-up treatment. I don’t have to be in the sun [or] while I put it on.”

Getting used to the game again

When she returns to Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, it will be some time before Wingert reports from the sidelines again. “I’ll be working on an ‘impact plan’ like I did the last time it happened in 2019, just to get used to the sound of the ball on the bat,” the former Atlanta Braves reporter explained. “I do this while the team is training, and I start from the upper decks of the stadium with my back to the field, [so] I get used to the noise and don’t flinch.