MLB reportedly hiding Yankee sign stealing in 2017


MLB reportedly hiding Yankee sign stealing in 2017. The sign theft scandal that in late 2019 discredited the Houston Astros, and slightly splashed the Boston Red Sox, seemed like a closed chapter in the face of the sudden appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the tranquility of the Last three months was just a pause.

The controversy has erupted again this Friday after a federal judge spoke about a letter, written by Commissioner Rob Manfred, in which it is shown that the New York Yankees stole signs with an even worse scheme than that used by the Astros. .

According to NJ Advance Media, the lawyer, named Jed S. Rakoff, explained in a court order that the letter had remained secret because it would cause “significant” damage to the team’s reputation.

The brief appeared in the midst of the $ 5 million class action lawsuit that DraftKings player Kristopher Olson filed with siderals and redheads for all the commitments they allegedly won by cheating.

The lawsuit was dismissed in April, but the document gained special attention from the judge, who said he would give the Yankees and MLB until noon Monday to present a “minimally redacted version” of the letter and protect “privacy interests. »Of the people mentioned in it.

The Yankees, meanwhile, asked until next Friday to file an emergency appeal with the Second Circuit Court.

The commissioner in the eye of the hurricane

MLB’s performance regarding sign theft, enforced by the Astros in 2017, never convinced fans. Manager AJ Hinch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow lost their jobs, but neither player was promptly named.

Commissioner Rob Manfred explained that in order to reveal the details of the investigation, he had to agree not to sanction the players. And then the debate about the inefficiency of his office began.

Now, everything seems to indicate that Manfred even hatched a worse trap to avoid or delay the scandal.

The fanatic who found the document maintains that the brief shows that the mules did more than simply use a phone incorrectly, as the commissioner noted on September 15, 2017, when he publicly referred to the misuse of technology.

At the time, MLB fined the Yankees and also the Red Sox for illegally using an Apple Watch to decipher the rival receiver’s signs, but also said there was “insufficient evidence” to show that they had stolen signs.

Yankees fight back

There has not yet been an official pronouncement from the Yankees’ office, but attorney Jonathan Schiller assured that “there is no justification for the disclosure of the letter.”

“The plaintiff no longer has a case, and the court held that what MLB wrote confidentially was irrelevant to the plaintiff’s dismissal of the case. Under established law, this supports the Yankees’ right to confidentiality required by the Baseball Commissioner, ”he explained in an email sent to NJ Advance Media.

Schiller added that, in court, MLB designated the letter as “highly confidential” and recalled that Manfred’s letters sent to the Red Sox and Astros have not been released.


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