MLB Player May Face Disciplinary Action For Mobile Phone Incident


Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Rodolfo Castro shocked the world on Tuesday by letting his cell phone fall out of his pocket in the middle of an MLB game.

But no matter how funny it was at that moment, Castro could have problems with the league. According to MLB insider Ken Rosenthal, Castro’s actions were technically a violation of Major League Baseball’s rules regarding electronic devices on the field or in the dugout.

But if any punishment is imposed for this violation, Rosenthal does not know about it. We may find out about it in the coming days or even hours.

An awkward moment arose in the middle of yesterday’s defeat by the Arizona Diamondbacks with a score of 6:4. Castro was diving to third base when his iPhone noticeably fell out of his pocket and bounced onto the infield.

Rodolfo Castro had just been signed to the Pirates’ active roster before the game against the Diamondbacks. He had to be recalled from the minors to play.

Before yesterday’s incident, Castro’s real rise to fame came last year, when he made history by recording home runs with each of his first five hits.

It was the first feat in 120 years.

Unfortunately, Rodolfo Castro will now be remembered as the man who let his phone out of his pocket during the game.


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