MLB is Reportedly Deciding on Major Changes for the 2023 Season


This has been the subject of controversy for years, but Major League Baseball is finally making changes that could change baseball forever.

According to ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan, the MLB competition committee voted to introduce pitching hours, as well as a ban on changing defenses. The changes will begin in 2023.

According to the new rule, the clock will run for 15 seconds when the bases are empty, and increase to 20 seconds when there are runners. There should also be two fielders on each side of the second base bag with both feet touching the ground.

According to the report, the decision to make changes was unanimous among the competition commission. But the players voted against both changes.

The rejection from MLB fans and analysts was pretty immediate. Many complain that the ban on defensive shifts is particularly egregious.

But some believe it’s time for pitchers to stop having unlimited time to throw in an era of fairly dominant pitching. There were arguments that this change would benefit the batters more and make the game more exciting.

For better or worse, this is one of the biggest changes in baseball in the history of the game. It may take from several years to one game to fully implement the changes before the full manifest.

How do you feel about the changes?


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