mLabs: what it is, how it works, plans and more


Working with social networks is a complicated and sometimes exhausting task. However, tools like mLabs exist with the function of optimizing time by allowing the management of several channels through a single platform.

Used by marketing agencies and professionals in the field, this is a very complete service and full of features that streamline the work of social media. Next, find out more about mLabs, its operation, advantages and available plans.

What is mLabs?

MLabs is a Brazilian platform for managing social networks. This paid tool simplifies the monitoring of company and brand profiles on different social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and others.

By centralizing all channels in one place, the user has several resources. For example, it is possible to schedule publications, generate results reports and interact with the public.

Thus, mLabs is essential for those who want to optimize processes when managing different social networks. Remembering that this service can be used by anyone and is not restricted to companies only.

How does mLabs work?

When creating an account on mLabs, the user can connect to the social networks he wants to manage through the platform. On the Dashboard, the tool itself presents the main networks of the moment.

Currently, the service is compatible with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and WhatsApp profiles. For users who monitor website visit numbers, it is also possible to include Google Analytics.

Through the platform, the person can create and schedule posts together and follow the audience of each network using only a single service. Without a doubt, something that saves marketers time.

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Furthermore, one of mLabs’ differentials is the possibility of using the PC for actions that are only available on mobile devices. Instead of using a cell phone to post a photo on Instagram, the user can do this directly from the tool.


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