Is mLabs good? See how a tool for managing social networks works


MLabs is a Brazilian social media management platform widely used by digital marketers, but it can also be used by anyone in their personal profile. Among the main functions of the service, we highlight the scheduling of posts on social networks that do not yet provide the resource natively, such as Instagram and Twitter, the creation of performance reports and the possibility to respond to comments and private messages on a single environment by the computer. Check below for details on how mLabs works and what are the values ​​for each plan.

What is mLabs and how does it work?
MLabs is a paid social media manager created in Brazil that allows you to manage different profiles on a single online platform, making the organization of accounts easier. The tool is widely used by agencies and marketers in the management of company accounts, to facilitate the dynamics of creating and publishing posts, monitoring audience interaction and analyzing audience of publications.

This does not mean that mLabs only works for companies. Anyone can hire the service. One of the advantages for the average user is the possibility of carrying out processes that are not available in mobile apps via the computer. Instagram, for example, does not yet allow publishing photos on the PC in the Web version. To solve this problem, mLabs can be a useful tool. However, the service can be much more profitable for users who use commercial accounts and use social networks with a lot of frequency and interaction.

Which social networks can be managed by the platform?
You can manage Instagram, including Stories and IGTV, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, in addition to Google Analytics and Google My Business. To manage your social networks, the user must create a mLabs “Profile”. Each profile can manage an account for each user’s social network. That is, with the same profile, it is possible to monitor a Facebook page, an Instagram page and a YouTube channel simultaneously, for example. If you want to access two Instagram accounts at the same time, you must create two profiles on mLabs, and pay for both individually.

What functions does mLabs offer?
One of the most sought-after features by mLabs users is the scheduling of posts, which allows you to program an image or video so that it is automatically published on the social network, on the date and time stipulated by the user. Because it is not available natively on most social networks, this function is one of the great draws of mLabs.

To make an appointment, the user must upload the image of the post, add the desired caption, hashtags, stickers, location, tagging friends, that is, all the resources available on the main social networks. Variable posts, such as Stories, IGTV and Facebook 360º publications can also be booked through the platform.

The calendar of posts also draws attention, especially for those who manage many different profiles. In it, it is possible to clearly see which publications are idealized and scheduled for each date, in a monthly calendar that is easy to view and interpret.

MLabs also provides detailed performance reports for each profile, displaying data such as reach, impressions, number of clicks and responses, actions such as moving to the next post or leaving the publication. This feature is useful for companies, as it also allows you to show the relevance of your brand in comparison to competing profiles.

Another useful resource for advertising agencies is Workflow, an environment that allows you to gather several people involved in creating content to develop, approve or make changes to publications, dividing the workflow in an organized way. You can invite unlimited people to each work environment on the platform.

What are the plans, amounts and how does the payment work?
There are two plans available on mLabs. The most basic plan, called “Post Scheduling”, allows, as the name says, to schedule publications on social networks, create a calendar of posts and gives access to multiple users. This plan costs R $ 5.90 / month for each mLabs “Profile”. There are promotions that give a discount on the payment of three months or a full year at once.

The “Complete” plan entitles you to all the benefits of the basic version, and adds the possibility of responding to comments and Directs, issues performance reports, monitoring competitors, accessing a workflow management platform and insights for service optimization . This plan costs R $ 12.90 monthly for mLabs “Profile”, and also offers a discount for quarterly or annual payments.

Payment is made by credit card, debit card, PayPal, PagSeguro or bank slip. Any user can try the services for free for seven days.

Etus or mLabs?
One of the main competitors of mLabs is Etus, which works in a very similar way, offering features for scheduling posts and issuing reports. Among Etus’ differentials are the possibility of boosting posts to Instagram and Facebook, and an application for Android and iPhone (iOS) that allows you to manage networks by cell phone. Etus costs a little more expensive than mLabs, being R $ 9.90 / month in the basic plan and R $ 18.90 in the full version. However, when it comes to the most objective features, the tools become equivalent.


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