MJF has apparently also asked to restructure its contract with MLW


MJF’s contract dispute with AEW has become terrible to the point that fans are still not sure what is real and what is not, but he reportedly turned to MLW to restructure his deal during his time at that company. He is one of the first and only homegrown All Elite stars, and his claims that Midas touched the promotion are not far—fetched.

He has been involved in some of the company’s biggest conflicts to date, from his Hollywood-worthy build with CM Punk to putting Wardlaw on the very latest Double Or Nothing without missing a beat. He grew up in AEW, where he gained national fame, but he wrestled for MLW from October 2017 until he lost a Loser Leaves MLW match to Mance Warner in January 2020. Prior to that, he had been working with AEW for several months. point.

According to the Fightful Select, MJF felt he had outgrown his deal while working with MLW, which should be familiar to those who have followed his antics from AEW. According to their report, “it was confirmed that he was one of the first deals that were signed with the company several years ago. As the deal progressed, MJF felt that he had overstepped his contract with Major League Wrestling, and appealed directly to the court to Bauer to state his position. and reconsider.” Bauer told Fightful that MJF was “very professional” at the time and that his desire for a promotion was not unfounded.

This adds another layer to the Brian Pillman-style onion that MJF and AEW work with. Fans haven’t seen MJF since his infamous homemade bomb commercial on the June 1 issue of “Wednesday Night Dynamite,” and he went silent on the radio on social media. In the run-up to this promo shoot, it seemed like behind-the-scenes news about Freidman was popping up every 24 hours or so. Since then, MJF, Friedman and AEW have remained silent on this matter. The announcers did not mention his profanity promo during Dynamite, he was removed from the All Elite store window and removed from the packages at the opening of the show.

As for the work, it seems to be carefully thought out by MJF and AEW. And it is still not particularly clear when the shooting ended and work began. There is a feeling that Khan would not have given the green light to Friedman’s microphone job on June 1 if he did not have a new contract, but this has not been confirmed behind the scenes. It’s like a situation where only those who are closely associated with it actually know what’s going on, but this nugget from Fighting and Bauer adds another pinch of intrigue to a situation that is already dynamic. AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door will take place this weekend, and it remains to be seen whether MJF will be a factor leading to or during pay-per-view.