Mizkif “very confident” in OTC investigation after allegations of sexual harassment cover-up


Mizkif said he was “very confident” in the ongoing investigation by the OTC after allegations that he helped cover up sexual abuse.

In mid-September 2022, Twitch exploded due to various dramas between some of the leading creators of the platform.

Against the background of this drama, accusations arose that Mizkif helped hide the alleged sexual abuse of a woman by Crazyslick. Since then, the OTC has sent Mizkif on leave from the organization, as they have engaged a law firm to investigate the case.

Mizkif went live on his channel for the first time since the allegations surfaced on October 10 and said he was “very confident” in the investigation.

Mizkif is “very confident” in the OTC investigation by a law firm

During the broadcast, he explained that the allegations are not “just a drama on Twitch” and that the law firm is investigating the matter, making it a legal matter that he is not allowed to talk about.

Mizkif mentioned again that he is not a part of the OTC in any form, and he is not even allowed to talk to the company’s management.

When asked how he felt about the investigation, he said he was “very confident” in the law firm.

Miski also explained that CrazySlick was kicked out of his house and he is not allowed to return.

That’s all he could say about the situation, so fans will have to wait to see what comes out in the future — and whether Mizkiff will ever be re-initiated into OTK in the position he was in before.

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