Mizkif Claims That His Hair Fell Out Badly During a Break in Twitch


Twitch star Mizkif said that his hair had fallen out a lot before he returned to streaming this year.

Amid an ongoing investigation into allegations that he helped cover up sexual abuse, Mizkif retired from streaming in October 2022.

After being sent on vacation and being investigated by One True King—the organization he co—founded-the Twitch star took a break from all social platforms.

After the investigation was completed, during which the 27-year-old was found not guilty, he returned to streaming as usual.

Mizkif told about severe hair loss

Now the streaming star has opened up about his struggles, revealing that he suffered from severe hair loss before his return to Twitch.

In his broadcast on January 20, Mizkif shared a photo of his hair three months ago — around the same time when he faced a negative reaction from the community.

Comparing the photos of that time with today’s, Mizkif noted a key difference, especially in his hairline. “Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t this some kind of madness? This is when I went through my hair and got about 500 hairs,” he said.

Mizkif was also recently accused of taking steroids, which he has since denied, and, as usual, his fans took the opportunity to make fun. “Stop using steroids,” one fan joked.

It is worth noting that it is likely that his hair loss was due to the severe stress he was under at the time.

Mizkif’s return to the Amazon-owned platform has not been smooth. The OTK co-founder went viral during one of his first streams after dropping a bench press while trying to set a new personal best.

He was also banned by Twitch for “helping to evade account suspension,” and after 24 hours he was quickly banned.


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