Miyeon and Shuhua Tell What (G)I-DLE Means to Them, Reveal The Meaning of “Nxde” And Much More


Miyeon and Shuhua from (G)I-DLE presented their latest song “Nxde” together with GQ Korea!

Earlier this month (G)I-DLE returned with their fifth mini-album “I love” and the title track “Nxde”, dedicated to showing themselves to be “real”, even if it means they won’t get love from people anymore. , not for a fake image.

Two participants of (G)I-DLE talked about how they recently applied this in their lives, and Shuhua shared: “This time, when we created the choreography! We were doing freestyle during the filming of the video, but during choreography classes our teacher created [a dance]. But during training, I wanted to make a slightly different move. I asked our teacher what they thought and they said it was allowed, so I was very proud. I was incredibly proud. Instead of doing what I’m told, I want to try doing what I like. It seemed to me that I could show more.”

Miyeon explained that people tend to think that she is incredibly attentive to others because of her soft tone of voice and role, but in fact she is quite stubborn. Laughing, she commented: “To be honest, I think I’ve lived my life doing what I want all this time. Including becoming a singer.”

Clarifying why stubbornness is sometimes necessary, Miyeon shared: “Most people fail at work more often. I think there are a lot of people who think, “Am I doing this right?” That’s why I think the message of our new song will be a strength for such people.”

The participants then delved into the meaning of “Nxde” when Miyeon commented: “The name of the song is “Nxde”, but the “nude” that we are trying to convey is the concept of the naked self. This means that when you are wandering or conflicted before an important decision, you have to look at your true, honest self.

Shuhua added, “People have a fundamentally racist image regarding the term “nude.” But the meaning of the term itself is not sexual. We chose this word to show ourselves as we are.”

At the end of “Nxde” there is a spectacular Shuhua phrase “Pervert is you”. To clarify this, Miyoung shared, “This is the reason we inserted this lyric. Because we think that depending on your point of view, everything can change dramatically. So we wanted to tell these people that ultimately you are the pervert, and you think so.”

On the eve of their return, (G)I-DLE released bold and attractive teaser images showing all five participants with blonde hair and red lipstick. This was especially shocking for fans, as Shuhua had previously openly stated that she did not want to dye her hair.

Shuhua explained her change of mind by saying, “The participants were at a team lunch and Soen was sitting next to me when she said she had something to say. That’s when Soen told me. She didn’t push and just calmly said, “Shuhua, you can choose without rushing. Don’t worry.” That’s why I decided to [dye my hair].”

Miyeon then revealed that their contestant Minnie was so moved by Shuhua’s decision that she started crying. Shuhua noticed: “My hair is so dear to me. That’s why I think my members were so shocked by my decision.”

In a separate video interview for GQ, Miyeon described (G)I-DLE as her family, and Shuhua said the team was the best. Shuhua shared: “To say that we are the best [is because], although we are ultimately individual, we get along well when we get together, and although there are times when we don’t get along, we eventually come together and get along. We are so comfortable with each other. It also means that our teamwork is the best. We all have potential, we are beautiful and kind. Each of us also has his own opinion. That’s why I wrote that we are the best.”

On the other hand, Miyeon commented: “We spend a lot of time together, first we talk to each other, no matter what happens, we eat together, live together and immediately resolve disputes. It’s no different from family.”

Looking to the future, the participants of (G)I-DLE were asked what kind of work they ultimately want to try. Miyeon replied: “For a big dream, I want to perform with my participants in a large hall. Personally, I want to try writing lyrics and songs later. I want to write texts that people can understand.”

After thinking deeply, Shuhua replied: “I played in plays in high school, but since I only did it in school, if I get the opportunity in the future, I want to try to do it in the theater. Instead of in front of the camera. On the theater stage, where there is an audience.”

Check out the full report on Shuhua and Miyeon in the November issue of GQ Korea!


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