Mixed Injury News: Jurgen Klopp reports on Tiago and Naby Keita


After the announcement that we will be waiting for Luis Diaz to return, Jurgen Klopp provided encouraging information about Tiago and all-too-familiar information about Naby Keita.

Liverpool’s injury list has thankfully shrunk over the past few weeks and there is light at the end of the tunnel for Diaz and Thiago.

As for the former, he will not be available at Man City as Klopp confirmed that the club needs to see “how he handles the intensity” next week, which could make a comeback against Arsenal possible.

As for Thiago, who has not participated in the last eight games due to hip complaints, the coach says he is “in good condition” and is expected to participate in the team’s “partial” training sessions next week.

“Tiago is a good player, but he has not participated in the training of the team yet,” Klopp told reporters at his press conference before the match with Man City.

“I think if everything goes well, he will probably take part in training next week.”

As with Diaz, it will be a case of increasing intensity every day, observing and waiting for a reaction.

This contributes to positive progress for Thiago, as information about the timing of his injury has been uncertain at best since it became known in early February.

But this is not so positive for Nabi Keita, who is now out of the game due to a “muscle injury” sustained in the match against Guinea during the international break.

“Nabi is out,” Klopp confirmed. “He returned to the national team with a muscle injury.”

Keita has already missed 20 games due to injury this season, and since there are only 12 games left and his contract expires in the summer, could we already see how he played his last game?


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