Mix and Match! Kate Middleton Combines Two Extremes by Matching $91 Earrings With an Alexander McQueen Coat


Kate Middleton has been walking a lot lately because of the launch of the Shaping Us campaign. Given that she is the Princess of Wales, people always pay special attention to what she wears. Although this observation did not always give the best results, especially recently, when fans presented evidence that she allegedly copies Meghan Markle.

But judging by her smile, Kate Middleton’s accusations don’t bother her. Middleton, who works tirelessly to spread the word about how important the early years of childhood are, added a twist to her emerald coat, which amazed fans. Although it was not a surprise that she came out in a dress from the luxurious collection of Alexander McQueen, however, it was her earring that outshone everyone.

Kate Middleton won hearts with this twist

Netizens have always followed the royal dresses with eagle eyes, but in recent years the attention to them has increased. This may or may not have something to do with Meghan Markle having an exquisite sense of style. However, Middleton has also proved with various outfits that she has a completely unique sense of style. The color that is repeated in most of her outfits is green.

Therefore, it was not a shock that she wore a green coat to launch her “Shaping Us” campaign. The coat is among the things made by Alexander McQueen to order for members of the royal family.

Under the coat, the head of the Shaping Us campaign chose a beautiful Victoria Beckham beige dress. While the outfit is designer and would put a hole in most of our pockets, Middleton’s jewelry selection is affordable, accessible and adorable to wear.

The princess completed the look with $91 hoops from Shyla London and a beautiful $54 belt to add a golden twist to the neutral dress, according to Page Six. This isn’t the first time Middleton has worn her affordable Shyla London earrings; she also wore the same earrings at the Boston Celtics game.

The outfit emphasized Middleton’s natural beauty. Anyone who follows the royal family is probably aware of the Princess’ dedication to the Royal Foundation’s Early Childhood Center, and launching the Shaping Us campaign is a huge step in that journey. And Middleton was definitely dressed for the occasion.

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