MIUI 13: Release Date, Will It Reach My Xiaomi Mobile?


MIUI 13: This week we have seen the four models that make Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 11 series, the company’s most successful mobile family. And the company has taken advantage of the event to present the new version of the operating system that its smartphones carry, MIUI 13, as well as point out which systems it will be available for.

liquid storage

MIUI 13 introduces Liquid Storage, a new system-level method of managing how files are stored on devices. Because we constantly write and rewrite data on our devices, over time, the storage on our devices becomes fragmented. After just 36 months, this slows read and write speeds by up to 50%. Furthermore, this also affects how quickly the user can access applications and how quickly those applications can access necessary resources, thus slowing everything down.

Liquid Storage in MIUI 13 reduces fragmentation and actively manages stored data, improving read and write efficiency by up to 60%. In the long term, the read and write speeds of other Android operating systems are reduced by up to 50% after 36 months, while MIUI 13 retains up to 95%, giving users a “fresh” experience for longer. time and extends the life of the device.

Atomized Memory

To further increase performance we have MIUI 13‘s Atomized Memory, an ultra-thin memory management method. This feature analyzes how apps use device memory and divides a single app’s RAM usage processes into important and unimportant tasks. It then closes all unimportant tasks, allowing apps to use memory only for what’s important to you right now, allowing you to run more apps without sacrificing performance.