MITB Liv Morgan Can Fix WWE Booking Error


The upcoming “Money in the Bank” pay—per-view is a great opportunity for WWE to redeem itself after years of not fulfilling Liv Morgan’s promises and potential due to booking errors. Liv will participate together with six other athletes in the title match according to the rating “Money in the bank”. After a five-year career in the main squad, 2022 will be the year for Liv Morgan when she wins the MITB portfolio and earns the opportunity for a subsequent championship.

In 2017, Liv Morgan made her WWE main roster debut as part of one-third of Team Riott. She was accompanied by Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott, who has since taken on the role of Ruby Soho from AEW. In the years since that debut, Morgan has established herself as the breakout star of this stable and one of the most exciting prospects among the current generation of female wrestlers. Most recently, Liv Morgan qualified for the WWE Money in the Bank women’s ranking match.

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All the difficulties, booking errors and forgotten storylines that WWE imposed on Liv Morgan will pay off if they eventually lead to the victory of “Money in the Bank” 2022. Liv can’t be a sincere outsider who fails throughout his career. While the loyalty of its supporters has suffered both defeats and boring writing, at some point WWE needs to make rewarding its viewers a priority. In the case of Liv Morgan, this could be a victory at MITB. Although there are other rookies of the main cast in the match, such as Shotzy and Raquel Rodriguez, they participate in the WWE Smackdown programs for only eleven and three months, respectively. Liv Morgan’s history of missed opportunities is currently longer than the career of their main cast.

After Liv Morgan constantly appeared on WWE television, her role became stagnant and predictable for the casual viewer. Morgan, of course, is not alone in this. Many of today’s WWE performers end up cyclically telling stories, often facing the same opponents in consecutive pay-per-view screenings. Fortunately for Liv, a successful ascent to the top of the “Money in the Bank” career ladder would instantly return her character to a universal sense of excitement and unpredictability. The enthusiasm that her unwavering audience shows every time she enters the ring will spread to a wide audience, because Baby Face will have the most powerful weapon in the world of professional wrestling: the MITB portfolio. Equipping Morgan with this storytelling tool could help WWE show classic matches and memorable moments that a modern product lacks.

The absence of these basic components has been affecting WWE television for quite some time. The most recent episode of RAW was built around the return of John Cena, despite looming money in the pay-per-view bank. Vince McMahon himself had appeared a few weeks earlier, despite the accusations against him, to promote the appearance of Cena. WWE uses yesterday’s stars as a crutch in our time. The longer this goes on, the more the future of WWE programming will be at risk. The number of recent layoffs, injuries and departures from companies dwarfs even the most historic departures from WWE. No WWE division has felt this more than their female line-up. After losing stars like Tony Storm, Dakota Kai and, rumor has it, Sasha Banks, investing in Liv Morgan’s success now would be a much-needed step in the right direction.

WWE can afford to ostracize part of its audience only until their fan base is unceremoniously divided. Liv Morgan is a real star, and she has a group of supporters ready to accompany her throughout the long main event. Roman Raines may not be defending his title on the WWE show “Money in the Bank”, but there is still a superstar who, nevertheless, deserves recognition for his appearance.