MIT Researchers Succeeded To Produce Transparent Transparent Graphene Plates


Producing a transparent graphene layer one millionth of a millimeter thick, MIT researchers also managed to develop a new method in this process.

As technology advances, our electronic devices become more versatile and smaller. This in turn creates a need for materials with these properties. At this point, one of the most promising materials is graphene.

Although there are many production methods of graphene, which is expected to meet the need for thin or even transparent electrodes that can be used in electronic devices, there is more area to be developed in this area.

New method for graphene production:

Currently, indium tin oxide (ITO) was used in the products. Although this material was advantageous in terms of electrical conductivity and optical transparency, it had problems at some points. Graphene has the potential to replace this material and is also a great electric conductor.

The structure of the graphene is very thin and incredibly flexible. It is also possible to produce in a laboratory environment. There is no need for expensive raw materials for this. On the other hand, the system called chemical vapor residue (CVD), which is used to produce graphene over copper, also has problems. One of these was the process of separating graphene from copper. Researchers have produced a solution to this problem.

Protection with intermediate layer:

The MIT team used a material known as parilen that formed an intermediate layer. At the end of this study, the researchers managed to create a large-size graphene plate with the desired electrical and mechanical properties.

The use of buffer material is actually quite common. It is frequently used in microelectronics, supply chains and research and development processes. On the other hand, it is planned to increase the production on an industrial scale as the buffer materials facilitate the processes. Giovanni Azzellino, one of the researchers, says that this graph was produced ‘almost for free’.


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