MIT: “Blockchain Is Not A Reliable Network For Voting”


MIT researchers published a report that voting on the blockchain network will significantly increase the risk of election security. The report suggests that votes to be used on the internet or on the blockchain network will increase the failure rate of elections across the country. According to the researchers, while blockchain technology cannot solve the security problems faced by the voting system, it also creates new problems.

In the report published by MIT on the internet and blockchain voting systems, it was stated that blockchain-based voting operations negatively affected the functioning of political elections by increasing the security gap. However, it was also stated that it is not proven that the votes to be used via computer or smartphone are easy or accessible to have a positive effect in terms of voting. It was said that if malware or cyber security problems continue to threaten the computer and the Internet, the voting on the blockchain network will also be exposed to these risks.

Results are subject to change

According to the report, the reliability of the results of voting on the blockchain network will be questionable. The reason for this was the possibility that any attacker could change the election results. The researchers said it was not right to risk the possibility that the votes were correct or not counted at all to enjoy the convenience of voting over the phone. It was emphasized that any vulnerability, large or small, could affect the voting.

Why is mobile voting risky?

MIT stated in the report that a voter who will use his smartphone to vote depends not only on the phone vendor, but also on the phone’s hardware, driver, code developers, physical manufacturer, network used, internet provider and many other systems and technical elements. Then it was stated that the process of creating reliable voting, software, hardware, network or system should be resolved.

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It was also shared in the news of Coindesk that Binance CEO and Vitalik Buterin made some calls to facilitate the process with the prolongation of the US election process. Binance CEO CZ shared a tweet that thanks to a blockchain-based mobile voting app, you won’t have to wait for results. In response to CZ, Vitalik Buterin replied, “I agree 100% even though there are technical difficulties.”


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