“Mission Impossible 8” Has Tom Cruise’s Best Tricks, Teases Director


According to director Christopher McQuarrie, “Mission impossible. Payback for Death, Part Two” contains some of Tom Cruise’s most ambitious stunts. The director joined the Mission Impossible franchise in 2011 to improve on the Ghost Protocol with unregistered rewrites, and returned to lead 2015’s Rogue Nation and 2018’s Fallout. The franchise’s stalwart director is now returning for filming Mission: Impossible 7 and 8, which was reportedly Cruise’s departure from the franchise, although McQuarrie apparently denied those reports.

After the release of the first part of “Reckoning for the Dead” on July 14, 2023, Cruz will return to lead the cast of the second part of “Reckoning for the Dead” as IMF agent Ethan Hunt, along with his frequent operatives: Wing Rames as Luther Stickell; Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn; and Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust. Among the newcomers to the franchise are Hayley Atwell as Grace and Esai Morales as the new villain. “Payback for Death, Part Two” was launched earlier this year, in March, and in several shooting photos of “Mission Impossible 8”, Cruz, as usual, performs various deadly tricks.

During a recent appearance on the Light The Fuse podcast, McQuarrie teases some of Cruise’s epic stunts from the second installment of “Calculating the Dead.” The director says they have almost finished filming the third act action sequence for the second part, which is “off the chain” as Cruise manages to surpass his own stunts “several times a day.” Read McQuarrie’s full comment below:

We have most of the sequence of actions of the third act in the bank for Part 2. […] We already know what the third act of Part 2 is, and it’s out of the chain. It’s Tom defeats Tom defeats Tom several times a day. […] This is one of two very big and ambitious scenes in the film.

It would be a truly special sight if Cruise managed to surpass his past stunts in “Mission Impossible” in the second part of “Reckoning with Death”, especially since this film is planned as his last film in the franchise. The longtime Ethan Hunt actor previously climbed the Burj Khalifa for “Ghost Protocol” and hung aboard a flying airbus for “Rogue Nation.” Some of Cruise’s most famous stunts from the franchise appeared in Fallout, including a real HALO jump and a helicopter ride for an intense chase. The trailer for Dead Reckoning Part One showed that Cruz can surpass him by rolling off a cliff on an off-road motorcycle, which has been called the most dangerous trick of Cruz and one of the biggest in the history of cinema.

It remains to be seen how Cruz will be able to surpass himself again in the second part. Photos from the filming of the film “Mission: Impossible 8” showed flashes of what’s in store, including a paragliding stunt, although viewers probably didn’t catch a glimpse of the ambitious action sequence in the third act that McQuarrie teases. If “Mission impossible. Payback for Death, Part Two” will be the finale of the franchise, viewers will expect something bigger and better than what happened before, and knowing about Tom Cruise’s fervent devotion, he will most likely succeed.


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