Missing Persona 3 Portable Features that the Remaster should Return


Persona 3 Portable gets a remaster for the current generation consoles, and this is a great opportunity to bring back the mechanics that were not in the original P3P. Despite the fact that there are many improvements and quality of life changes in Portable, it would leave behind several elements of older versions of P3. A remaster can bring back this mechanic to make the game truly complete.

Persona 3 Portable is the third version of Persona 3, following the original and FES. There were many improvements compared to the original releases, such as improved character challenge and combat mechanics, as well as a new version of the main character with unique social links. Thanks to a significant amount of content and positive changes, Portable is the best P3 for remastering. However, this is not a perfect version of the game. Despite all the advantages of P3P, it lacks some of the features that were in previous versions of the game.

Some of the changes in Persona 3 Portable can be explained by the limitations of the PSP, while others are more of a mystery. However, newer consoles such as the XBox One and Nintendo Switch do not have such limitations. There’s a good reason to restore the cut-out features from Persona 3 Portable, and we hope the remasters will do that.

Persona 3 City is reduced to a series of menus in a portable

Persona 3 takes place on the fictional port island of Tatsumi, and when he is not fighting shadows and crossing Tartarus, the player is free to explore the city at will. In the original game and FES, the city was a series of three-dimensional environments that the player could walk through. Even if in recent years Atlus doesn’t know what to do with Persona, it was  However, in one action that proves Persona deserves more than a simple P3P remaster, Portable instead presented the city as a plethora of choices for the player.

The refusal to be able to walk freely in cities can almost certainly be attributed to the limitations of the PSP. Instead, using a number of menus would be much less burdensome for the system. However, due to the removal of the ability to talk around the city, the player has fewer opportunities to communicate with Tatsumi Port and its residents. In Persona 3 and FES, Tatsumi’s Port feels alive when the player goes shopping and talks to his various social connections in the city. This helps the player to better immerse themselves in the game while walking around the city. Replacing all this with a set of menus takes most of the life out of the city, and with it part of the immersion in the game.

When it comes to what the Persona 3 remake should improve on, a return to free exploration of the map is at the top of the list. The menus that replaced walking made some of the charm of the game fall by the wayside. The consoles that P3P is being ported to are more than capable of working with freely available Iwatodai, and we hope that the remaster will work.

The main character of Persona 3 Portable can only use one type of weapon

In Persona 3 and FES, the main character could use any weapon in the game, regardless of its type. Whether it’s swords, bows, spears or something else, the main character was able to equip it. Collecting new weapons is commonplace in Persona, like unlocking Suzaku Yukiko’s pen in Persona 4 Golden, but the P3 protagonist was in his class when it came to weapons. Unfortunately, the main character of P3 Portable can only own his initial type of weapon, which is more problematic than it seems.

Firstly, this change deprives the player of the ability to customize, which is always disappointing. Additionally, allowing the protagonist to use any weapon meant that he could use any weapon the player found, regardless of who it was originally designed for. However, a much more striking example is Shinjiro and his hammer. Shinjiro is the only member of the group who can use the hammer, but he dies halfway through the plot. In P3 and FES, the player could continue to use hammers after his death, but in Portableable they become useless forever due to the fact that the main character cannot equip them. Shinjiro is one of the best characters in the Persona series, and the loss of his entire weapon class makes his death even sadder.

Declaring the entire weapon type obsolete is disappointing, but even more so, limiting the choice of the protagonist’s weapon in Portable seems like a step backwards. In the previous parts, it was already an unobstructed function, so removing it seems pointless. In any case, letting the main character own everything he wants would be a welcome addition to the P3P remaster.

The presentation of Portable was worse than in other versions of Persona 3

Unfortunately, when Persona 3 was ported to the PSP, it inevitably had to be sacrificed in terms of presentation.


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