MISSING? Kanye West Disappeared Into Thin Air Ahead of $4.5 Million Lawsuits, Confirms Business Manager


Kanye West disappeared? In the last couple of months, the rapper has been popping up everywhere, his offensive comments escalating with every public appearance and insulting more and more people. But it has effectively and strongly affected his relationships with other businesses. His partnership with Adidas, Balenciaga and GAP ended unsuccessfully, and this affected his finances.


The singer was a successful billionaire who earned more money from partnering with fashion than from his music. With a decrease in wealth and an expensive divorce from Kim Kardashian, many partners were left without a salary. One of them is hunting for an artist who seems to have disappeared.

Former Business Manager Hunts for Kanye West as His Fortune Dwindles

Although Kanye West seems to appear regularly on social media, he’s hard to find in real life. According to ALLHIPHOP, Thomas St. John, Ye’s former business partner, wants to give the rapper an official notice. They entered into a contract for St. John’s payments to ensure their timely receipt. Although they would have gotten along well, there was a heated argument, after which the payments stopped. Violation of this contract is what the official notice is about.

Rapper Gold Digger wanted him to become the CFO of Donda, for which a monthly fee of $300,000 was to be paid. The lawsuit stated: “[St. John] needed guarantees that [West] would not abruptly terminate the commercial relationship, in addition to the financial costs and dangers associated with [West’s] commitment as a client.” It also stated how St. John agreed to enter into a contract for at least 18 months. But the probability that he will be paid is less, given the financial crisis.

In the divorce case with Kim Kardashian, the court ordered him to pay $ 200,000 in alimony. Even the renovation of his house has stopped due to financial problems, in fact now he is selling his collection of luxury cars for other expenses. His alleged absence is similar to his absence when West’s former legal advisers wanted to hand him a notice and failed to catch him doing the same. It remains to be seen whether the singer will come out of his supposed hiding place in the near future to make another controversial statement.

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