Missing feature of Android 11 has been announced!


Studies for Android 11, the new operating system of Google, are continuing rapidly. A feature will be removed from the lock screen for users to have a better experience. This feature was hardly liked by users. The feature that automatically converts the color on the album cover to the wallpaper will be separated from the new Android version.

Say goodbye to a feature with Android 11

If you lock the device while using any music player, you can control the music through the lock screen. Meanwhile, the colors on the cover of the song were set as the background of the lock screen. This feature could sometimes make the lock screen very ugly. As a result, Google said that this feature will not be included in the new operating system.

It is not possible to turn off this feature in the settings of the phone. While some apps allow to turn off lock screen customization in their settings section, not every app has this feature. In the end, it seems that we will take a comfortable breath as this feature will be removed.

Android 10 was pretty good compared to previous versions. The system, which incorporates many innovative features, had some settings that would negatively affect the user experience. Google does not want to experience these problems with Android 11 users. It would not be surprising to hear that many annoying features will be removed until the new version is released.

Currently available only by developers, Android 11 will be available for download in the last quarter of this year. It is good to follow the latest developments to find out whether your device will support this update.

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