Miss Universe New Zealand Finalist Amber Lee Friis dies at 23


Amber Lee Friis, a previous finalist for Miss New Zealand 2018, passed on Monday, May 18. She was 23. A delegate for the New Zealand Police in Auckland disclosed to Fox News that police took care of Amber’s abrupt spending on Monday. A reason for death has not yet been uncovered.

Ability Tree, a boutique organization situated in Auckland who spoke to Amber affirmed the unfortunate news on Facebook. They expressed, “It is with enormous bitterness we recognize the unexpected going of an excellent and gifted Wahine Amber-lee Friis was one of our unique Models for The Talent Tree and a finalist in 2018 Miss Universe NZ (Miss World New Zealand) Our genuine aroha and sympathies to Amber-Lee’s loved ones. R.I.P excellent woman.”

Miss World New Zealand additionally presented a tribute on the belle of the ball on. They expressed, “We all at Miss World NZ are awfully miserable on hearing this. Amber completely turned her candidate venture around, after an early ‘wobble’ she wound up as one of the best and strong hopefuls we had in the 7 years we held the MU permit.”

Miss Universe New Zealand 2019 Top 20

Posted by Amber-Lee Friis on Sunday, December 23, 2018

This is what you have to think about Amber Lee Friis:

1. The Daily Mail Reports Friis Died By Suicide

While the specific reason for death has not been openly announced, Daily Mail reports that she ended her own life.

Miss World New Zealand noted, “She defeated such a great amount to go along with us in any case and she won our adoration and regard as it so happens. She was a delightful, energizing, and one of a kind individual with a remarkable vitality forever. Amber stayed a positive and steady companion to us once the opposition was finished and in the following couple of years, we were pleased to call her a companion. The world has lost a young lady who had such a great amount to offer and that is a terrible and outright disaster.”

Posted by Amber-lee Friis on Thursday, June 7, 2018

2. Friis Opened Up About Being Bullied Growing Up and Gaining Weight While Depressed

In a meeting with Stuff in 2018, the belle of the ball said that she was provoked by cohorts experiencing childhood in Auckland. They called her “Chimoan” in light of the fact that her “inclined eyes” and “tanned skin.” Amber is half-Samoan from her dad’s side of the family and her grandma is a boss in Savai’i.

Amber likewise uncovered that she had not exactly a perfect childhood. She had moved around multiple times when she was 15, reviewing evenings when there wasn’t sufficient nourishment for supper She stated, “I sat in my room one night and figuring how hard life could be. At a youthful age you feel the world is burdening your shoulders.”

At 15, Amber moved in with her beau. While concentrating to turn into a technician, she worked at Pizza Hut three evenings per week. Amber said that during this time, she put on a great deal of weight. “I had a negative point of view toward everything. I imagined myself just like a furious, fat, old woman yet then I thought: This isn’t what I need to resemble.”


3. Life Turned Around for Friis After She Moved In With Her Aunt and Uncle

Amber revealed to Stuff that in the wake of turning 18, she moved into a procession on her auntie and uncle’s property. “They helped me set objectives and gave me I could do anything,” she said.

While working at a web based promoting organization, she had the option to set aside up enough cash to buy a vehicle, and sign up with a mentor at the exercise center. Her mentor stated, “If it’s not consuming, it’s not working,” and inside a half year, she lost a lot of her recently put on weight.

“I thought, I’m not going to do anything a universal supermodel wouldn’t do.”


4. Friis was Asked to Compete At Miss Universe New Zealand Via Instagram DM

In the wake of accepting a message on Instagram inquiring as to whether she was keen on perhaps contending in the Miss Universe New Zealand expo, Amber idea it was a trick. In view of her tattoos and ear cot, she didn’t figure she could meet all requirements to contend. Be that as it may, acknowledging it was a real solicitation, she chose to give it a shot.

In May 2018, Amber discovered that she was picked as one of the Top 20 finalists to vie for the title in Auckland. “I was unable to quit shouting and crying,” she said. “It was the best thing ever.” She credited entering the expo for changing her point of view.

“I resembled a lost sheep before I began recording objectives and began concentrating on what I needed to do,” she said. “I felt stuck and powerless. Nobody ever needs to feel that way. I need to enable little youngsters to see their latent capacity and set up an actual existence intend to accomplish it.”

This is just so crazy for me, who would have thought. From a mechanic girl, to a Miss Universe New Zealand 2018 Finalist ✨

Posted by Amber-lee Friis on Friday, May 11, 2018

5. The CEO of Miss World New Zealand Called Friis ‘A Force to Be Reckoned With’

Nigel Godfrey, CEO of the Miss World New Zealand rivalry took to his Facebook page to compose a moving tribute to Friis. He shared, “two or three years back when we were running ‘the other one’ Amber-Lee Friis cleared into our lives, she was a power to be dealt with. This was one of the numerous International stories that she produced in the wake of entering, and it’s so miserable to peruse it now.”

“She was feisty, certainly showed no mercy, however she was a delightful soul and you 100% comprehended what you were getting,” Godfrey proceeded. “She was real, legitimate and she had a vitality hardly any others have, her heart was undoubtedly in the correct spot. We preferred and regarded her and were extremely pleased to call her a companion, long after the opposition had wrapped up.”

Posted by Amber-lee Friis on Thursday, October 17, 2019

“Amber Lee turned her life, and undoubtedly her involvement in us around, and into a unimaginably positive power for good. In the years since she has been steadfast and strong and we esteem that above anything. Disastrously she spent away yesterday, the world is a lesser spot without her in it. She had significantly more to give and it is a horrible disaster that she won’t be here to understand her boundless potential. Tear Amber Lee you have left us far, dreadfully soon.”


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