Miss Marvel: Who is Kamran? The Origin and Power of Comics


Warning! This article contains spoilers for the second episode of Miss Marvel.

Episode 2 of Miss Marvel, “Crushed,” introduces the character Kamran (Rish Shah), whose origins and potential abilities are rooted in the original Marvel comics. Episode 2 “Miss Marvel” is dedicated right after the end of AvengerCon, when Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) tries to learn more about his growing superpowers. Meanwhile, popular girl Zoey Zimmer (Laurel Marsden) is becoming a hit on social media, telling how Kamala, whom Zoey called “Night Light”, saved her life.

As part of the celebration of the “fragility” of life, Zoey throws a party and invites the whole school, including the beautiful and charming Kamran. He instantly gets close to Kamala, much to the disappointment of Bruno (Matt Linz), but it quickly becomes clear that he is hiding his true intentions. As with Ms. Marvel’s abilities, Kamran’s origins in the MCU are different from those in the original comics, but they may indicate the direction in which Kamala’s story is moving.

In the climax of the 2nd episode of “Miss Marvel”, Kamala’s attempts to save a little boy at an Eid celebration at a local mosque attract the attention of the Damage Control Department. On the run from their drones, she is rescued by Kamran, just like when the police broke up Zoey’s party. When she gets into the car, she is introduced to Kamran’s mother, who really wants to meet her. This exciting development bears similarities to a key plot from Kamran’s storyline in the Miss Marvel comics, hinting that there will be other similarities as the MCU show continues.

Explanation of the origin and abilities of Marvel Comics Kamran

In the comics, Kamran and Kamala are childhood friends who have lost touch, and his and Kamala’s origin in Marvel is connected with the mutagen Terrigen Fog. Released by the Inhuman Black Thunder, the Terrigren Mist awakened the latent abilities of various people, including Kamran and Kamala, who later became known as Nuhumans. Kamran’s first comic appearance was in a three-issue Miss Marvel arc titled Crushed, which ran from March to May 2015. As in episode 2 of “Miss Marvel”, Kamran also attracts Kamala’s attention by hiding his true intentions. He is part of a plot by a villainous inhuman named Lineage who wants to rid the Earth of all non-inhumans, and he wants Kamala to join him.

Interestingly, Kamran’s powers in the “Crushed” comics arc are aesthetically similar to Kamala’s powers in the Marvel Studios Disney+ series “Miss Marvel”. In the comics, his body can emit a bright blue-white energy, not unlike the tempered purple energy that Kamala is able to create. Kamran can also use this energy to shock enemies or blow up objects, which is a bit different from how Kamala uses her own abilities. It is not yet known if Camran has any abilities in the Miss Marvel show, in addition to the fact that she suffered a painful blow to her stomach. However, the fact that Kamran’s way of introducing Kamala to his mother bears similarities to her introduction to Lineage in the comics suggests that there will be other similarities to the comic book version of the character.

Will Kamran become the villain of Miss Marvel?

The annotation to the book “Miss Marvel Vol. 3 # 15 read: “True love or a real enemy? There’s a reason it’s called CRUSH. Miss Marvel faces the most confusing problem!” Although it is still unclear whether Kamran and his mother will be villains in the MCU MCU, it is highly likely that Kamala will face the same confusing problem. By the end of episode 2, the Damage Control Department is portrayed as racist authoritarian bullies. The scene in which Zoey is asked about the ethnicity of the hero who saved her at AvengerCon is tinged with Islamophobia and racist paranoia. This is once again emphasized when Special Agent P. Cleary has to tell his colleague to “be respectful” when checking mosques for evidence of super-powerful actions. Therefore, it is quite possible that the true villains of Miss Marvel will be employees of the Department of Damage Control.

However, Kamran’s mother is also not very trustworthy. The way she appears in Kamala’s vision at the end of the 2nd episode of “Miss Marvel”, beckons her and bathes in purple light, does not immediately suggest a heroic figure. This is especially true given that she interrupts Kamala when she tries to stop the boy from falling to his death, and nearly kills the child as a result. If Kamran’s mother has the same intentions as Lineage— the destruction of all non-humans — then it is likely that her son will play a similar role as a henchman and recruiter in the TV adaptation.

In the comics, Kamran tries to recruit Kamala by highlighting the cultural differences between her and the people she saves.