Miss Marvel Star wields Cap’s Shield and Thor’s Hammer in Marvel Tour video


The star of Miss Marvel, Iman Vellani tours the Marvel Studios office, where she wields Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer. The Canadian actress recently made her debut as Kamala Khan in the new Disney+ series. Like her character, Vellani is a big fan of the Avengers, and in her new social media post, she can play around with some iconic MCU props.

In Miss Marvel, Kamala is a 16-year-old Jersey City native and an Avengers superfan, especially Captain Marvel. While “Miss Marvel” focuses solely on the character’s origin story, it also draws on her fandom, and the premiere episode even features the first-ever AvengerCon. Throughout the marketing campaign for the Disney+ series, Vellani has proven time and again that she is a true MCU fan by taking part in popular quizzes where she demonstrates her knowledge of the Marvel universe. Now she has to fulfill her biggest dream when she begins her journey as Kamala.

One of the advantages of participating in the MCU project is that Vellani now has insider access to the franchise. This includes a visit to the Marvel Studios office. In the new post “Miss Marvel” on TikTok (via Iman Vellani updates) The actress wanders around the headquarters of Kevin Feige and his team, where various props from previous MCU films are displayed. At some point, Vellani may even own two of the most iconic weapons in the Marvel universe—Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

Looking at the props, both Captain America’s shield and Mjolnir are original iterations of the weapon. There is no additional detail on the shield like Sam Wilson’s in Avengers: Finale. Meanwhile, the hammer has no obvious cracks in the version of Mighty Thor that will be used in “Thor: Love and Thunder”. In addition to the aforementioned props, Vellani is also trying to put on an Iron Man helmet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suit her. But when arranging press conferences for Miss Marvel, Vellani loudly declared that he was a big fan of Robert Downey Jr. So just the fact that she was able to see some of Tony Stark’s full suits, not to mention Pepper and the War Machine, should be a special treat for her.

On the screen, only Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, owned both Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer, as seen in the final battle of Avengers: Finale. Most likely, this will never happen again, as it was an important moment for both the Avenger and the MCU as a whole. He was even teased back in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”. As for Vellani from Miss Marvel, even though she hasn’t interacted with any Avengers in the MCU yet, there’s a chance she’ll eventually join Earth’s Greatest Heroes, where she’ll be able to see Wilson and Jane Foster wield the Shield and Mjolnir respectively.