Miss Marvel Star Forgets One MCU Movie She Should Know In Video


In a recent video, “Miss Marvel” star Iman Vellani forgets about one Marvel Cinematic Universe movie she should know best. Vellani plays Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American high school student in Jersey City who moonlights as the superhero Miss Marvel. In the first episode of the latest Disney+ MCU series, Kamala becomes a big Avengers fan who wants nothing more than to win the first annual AvengerCon cosplay contest as her favorite superhero, Captain Marvel. Kamala will join her idol in the upcoming KVM movie “Miracles”, which is scheduled for release in July 2023.

Like her fictional superhero counterpart, Vellani is also a self-proclaimed superfan of everything Marvel-related. She grew up watching movies and even dressed up as Kamala Khan for Halloween as a child. The actor recently got into a playful discussion with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about the official designation of the Marvel cinematic universe due to conflicting information that the studio has received about her films in the past.

In a recent video from PopBuzz (via Iman Vellani Updates), the “Miss Marvel” star couldn’t remember one MCU movie she should know. After Vellani correctly answered a dozen simple questions testing her knowledge of the huge MCU franchise, she was asked to name all 28 MCU films in one minute. She managed to quickly list 24 films before she settled on a few key films, one of which she definitely had to remember.

Although Vellani couldn’t remember Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and “The Incredible Hulk”— the actress claimed to have forgotten “The Incredible Hulk” as she joked that she didn’t consider the film, even though she knows it’s considered canon—forgetting Captain Marvel is a big mistake for Vellani, since it’s her MCU namesake character. Even more remarkable is that Vellani has already starred in Captain Marvel, as she completed her scenes in the sequel earlier this year. Despite this, her knowledge of the universe is second to none compared to many of her colleagues, and memorizing 24 of 28 films in a minute is an impressive feat.

Vellani’s deep knowledge of the colossal shared universe of Marvel superheroes only shows how amazing the choice of an actor for the role of Kamala Khan was. Both Vellani and Kamala were fans of the Avengers and the Marvel superhero pantheon before becoming one of them. In many ways, the success of “Miss Marvel” can be explained by the quality of the character and the power of his writing, as well as thanks to the perfect selection of actors with Vellani.