Miss Marvel Screenwriter Wants Kamala To Meet Wolverine In Season 2


Ms. Marvel’s screenwriter, Fatima Asghar, wants Kamala Khan to meet Wolverine in a possible second season. Iman Vellani plays the main character, a Jersey City High School student who is granted cosmic powers thanks to her great-grandmother’s mysterious bracelets. However, in the finale of the series, it turns out that there is something more in the origin of Kamala’s superpowers than originally thought.

After closing the gate through the Veil of Nur and defeating Damage Control, Bruno Carrelli (Matt Linz) explains to Kamala that she is not only a genie who can access Nur, but also has a mutation in her genes that also distinguishes her from others. . With the revelation of Bruno, Kamala became one of the first official mutants in the MCU. After Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox, the MCU gained access to Fox’s rights to Mutants and X-Men and began to introduce them into the shared universe. With a Deadpool movie in production, as well as a series of sequels to the original 1992 X-Men animated show, fans are speculating whether the X-Men will be properly represented in the MCU.

In a recent interview with The Direct, Asghar revealed that she wants Kamala to meet Wolverine in the second season of the potential Miss Marvel. see how Kamala interacts with Wolverine because of their conflicting personalities. Read what Asgar said below.

“For example, I think about the character of Wolverine and that Kamala is, like, a riff from Wolverine… that exists in comics… I think there is a moment when Wolverine comes and helps her, I’ve always liked it. And I think if we ever see it, you know, I know it’s difficult… but if we ever see it, I think it would be so great, because it’s just fun to see her, you know, be a fan of people who are a little exhausted and annoyed. And just to make fun. And so I think putting her with someone like Wolverine, you know, is such a great synastry moment.”

Asghar understands that Kamala’s generally optimistic character would contradict Wolverine’s character, a mutant who is generally serious and pessimistic. Despite his rough appearance, Wolverine is known to have a kind heart, which allows him to carefully take care of those who are dear to him, for example, about his father-daughter relationship with the mutant Jubilee. However, at the moment such a pair is unlikely, since “Miss Marvel” will not receive a second season, and Wolverine has not yet been introduced to the MCU.

If Wolverine had ever met Kamala in the second season or the Miss Marvel movie, their dynamic would most likely have been similar to a buddy cop movie, similar to popular movies like 48 Hours, Rush Hour and Bad Guys. The genre brings together two unlikely partners with opposite personalities for a joint mission. Throughout their journey, they quarrel and argue, while their individual quirks complement the quirks of others when they reach their goal. Although Miss Marvel and Wolverine are still a long way from teaming up, their partnership will undoubtedly be welcomed by viewers.


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