Miss Marvel Cinematographer Reveals BTS Secrets about Filming in Thailand


Miss Marvel has changed the course of the Marvel Cinematic universe in many ways. Not only did he introduce the first female superhero from South Asia and a Muslim woman, he also teased the imminent appearance of mutants and possibly inhumans. Given Kamala Khan’s past, part of her story takes place in Karachi as part of the Disney Plus series. But fans already know that these scenes were filmed in Thailand. The cinematographer of the series, Jules O’Loughlin, revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets of filming and how they were brought to life.

The multiverse is now real in the MCU, and although it wasn’t mentioned directly in Miss Marvel, it apparently played a huge role in bringing an important part of Kamala’s story to life. One of the groundbreaking moments in the series is when Kamala arrives in Pakistan, visits a train station in Karachi and comes into contact with a Red Dagger. However, this train station doesn’t look like a station in the real world, which fans from the city would do, and O’Loughlin used the Multiverse as an excuse.

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When choosing a location for the Karachi railway station, O’Loughlin and director Sharmeen Obeid-Chinoy, a Pakistani-Canadian film director born in a Pakistani metropolis, had a small creative disagreement. In the interview Comicbook.com O’Loughlin said that when he found a place in Bangkok that looked like a train station in Karachi, the director hesitated because it didn’t look like what it was in her hometown. “It’s really important for Sharmeen that this is true for Karachi Railway Station,” he said when he introduced the Multiverse in the picture.

Since parallel universes exist simultaneously, O’Loughlin thought this was the perfect idea to justify his choice. He told Obaid-Chinoy that the set he chose might just be another version of Karachi in an alternate universe. “It’s not really Karachi, but this sequence has added a lot of production value. And thank God for the Multiverse,” he said. But that’s not all. After Thailand was finally chosen as the destination of choice, the team also had to face an epic storm in one of the cities.

During filming in Pattaya, filming had to be suspended due to monsoon rains. “It was the strongest storm I’ve ever been in, and it almost washed away our part of the way. And it shut us down for about five hours,” he said. This affected the scene they were filming on that particular day, and although O’Loughlin did not confirm what the segment was, he hoped that one day they would be able to return. “We had a lot of fun, but we lost a lot of time.”

“Miss Marvel” is broadcast on Disney Plus.


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