Miss Marvel: All references to comic book characters, including Kamran


“Miss Marvel” still very accurately repeats the original comic with the participation of Kamala Khan, released in 2014. While the MCU series differs significantly from her comic book origins in terms of how she gets her abilities, the live action series does mention numerous important Marvel comics characters who play a vital role in Kamala’s story, including close friends like Bruno and Nakia.

The series also has subtle references to comic book characters, such as Carol Danvers’ early days as Miss Marvel before she became Captain Marvel. Villains such as the Inventor and heroes such as the Red Dagger are also mentioned in the series, bringing Kamala’s vibrant and full comic book universe to the screen.

Miss Marvel

The most important comic book character that the series brings to the screen is Miss Marvel herself. Actress Iman Vellani plays Kamala Khan, who discovers hidden superhuman abilities when they are discovered by a mysterious object. Ms. Marvel represents the first Muslim superhero to lead the MCU series, and she was the first Muslim superhero to star in her own comic book.

Ms. Marvel has played a key role in Marvel comics over the past decade and will probably do the same in the MCU in the future, destined to join forces with her idol, Captain Marvel in “Miracles.”

The original Miss Marvel

Comic book fans know that Kamala Khan is the last powerful version of Miss Marvel in the Marvel universe. Carol Danvers came up with this role, and the first episode of “Miss Marvel” contains an excellent hidden reference to the comic book character. A 1970s Miss Marvel poster from Marvel Comics appears in an episode of AvengerCon.

Carol Danvers served as Miss Marvel in comics for many years, first appearing in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 in 1968. She became Captain Marvel in Avenging Spider-Man #9 in 2012.

Captain Marvel

References to Captain Marvel abound in the new series. Kamala idolizes Carol Danvers, just like in the comics, filling her notebooks and bedroom with drawings of superheroes. She also creates a fantastic costume for the cosplay contest at AvengerCon, where Kamala demonstrates her superpowers for the first time.

The first episode features graffiti depicting a mashup of Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange, a creative approach that actually takes place in Captain Marvel #28 2019. In this story, Carol learns magic from Doctor Strange and immediately ranks among the most powerful magicians in Marvel comics.

Cam Ranh

Episode 2 introduces Kamran, Kamala’s love interest. Kamran plays almost the same role in the comics, but as his MCU arc suggests, he has much more. Eventually Kamran discovers that he has superpowers too, and inevitably becomes the powerful villain of Miss Marvel in the comics.

Kamran’s origin seems to have changed in the series as much as Ms. Marvel’s origin, leaving open the possibility that he won’t turn evil. However, he has a connection with Miss Marvel’s powerful bracelet.

Repair and restoration work

The first episode ends with the US Department of Damage Control (DODC) investigating Miss Marvel. Comic book fans know that Damage Control plays a big and funny role in the Marvel universe, cleaning up after huge superhuman battles that bring a lot of destruction. This role persists in the MCU, although the organization also seems to have some superhuman oversight.

Damage Control begins in the comics as a joint venture between Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk, a unique feature that could potentially manifest itself in the MCU when Kingpin is now part of the franchise.


The series opens with a fantastic montage in which Kamala talks about the Battle for Earth from Avengers: Finale. In the process, several drawings tell a story. One quick drawing shows a curious corella wearing a crown. This drawing refers to the Inventor, the first villain of Miss Marvel from one of her best comic book arches.

The inventor is likely to appear in the MCU if the series continues to closely follow the first arc of the comics, which means that a strange clone of Thomas Edison and a parrot may appear before the end of the first season.

Zoey Zimmer

Miss Marvel saves Zoey Zimmer in the first episode, but in Marvel comics they start much harder. However, the series mentions their relationship from the comics during their first meeting live. Zoey mocks Kamala in the comics, using her popularity to suppress Kamala whenever she can.

They eventually become friends, and Zoey later has feelings for Nakia in the comics. These three stay close to all the ups and downs they face, and will probably be in the MCU as well.

Red Dagger

Trailers for the series give an idea of another key comic book character, the Red Dagger. Red Dagger fights alongside Ms. Marvel in several clips wearing a distinctive red face mask.