Miss Marvel actor Farhan Akhtar compares working on the Disney+ series with his experience in Bollywood


Warning: SPOILERS for the Miss Marvel episode “See Red” ahead!

During her trip to Karachi, Pakistan, in the Miss Marvel episode “Seeing Red”, Kamala Khan from Iman Vellani learned about the “Red Daggers”, an organization dedicated to protecting our world from underground. Aramis Knight’s Karim was the first person wearing the mantle of the Red Dagger that Kamala met, and soon after, she came face to face with Walid Farhan Akhtar, the leader of the organization. When “Miss Marvel” became his Hollywood debut, Akhtar compared the work he did on the Disney+ show with his many years of experience in Bollywood, communicating with CinemaBlend.

I had the opportunity to talk to Farhan Akhtar about his work on the fourth episode of “Miss Marvel” (which can now be viewed on a Disney+ subscription), and among the questions I asked him was how his time in the critically acclaimed Marvel series compares to action-packed projects. which he has done in the past. Akhtar replied:

It actually felt the same to me. I say this with great joy, because I really wondered after working on films here, and then when I participate in a show like “Miss Marvel”, the reaction, will it be different? Is there something else there that we don’t have here? These are the questions that arise in your head. But I was really happy to see it. There’s Gary Powell, who’s just incredible at what he did as a second director, and the guy who created the whole sequence you see in Episode 4. It felt like I was on a Bollywood movie set. That’s really how I felt, so it was great.

For Farhan Akhtar’s first Hollywood project, which is virtually indistinguishable from the action-related projects he worked on in Bollywood, whether as a performer or a backstage person, this is luck. This was largely due to Gary Powell, who was also the second director in “The First Player to get ready”, “Morbius” and the underwater part of “Skyfall”. And Akhtar definitely lacked action in this episode of “Miss Marvel.” While Waleed spent most of the screen time in “Seeing Red” revealing new information about Hiding Places to Kamala Khan, eventually these antagonists infiltrated the Red Daggers headquarters, which was completely practical.

Waleed staged a delightful battle against the caches, both at the Red Dagger headquarters and on the streets of Karachi, but while protecting Kamala and Karim, he was killed by Najma, the leader of the caches. While there are certainly many cases in the MCU where someone’s injuries weren’t actually fatal or their death was somehow reversed, at this point, unfortunately, it looks like Waleed’s demise is irreversible. Nevertheless, fingers crossed, this is not the last time we see Akhtar in Hollywood, as he was one of the outstanding elements of the “Vision of Red”.

There are only two episodes of “Miss Marvel” left this season, and it has not yet been announced whether another season of the show will follow. Fortunately for fans of Kamala Khan Iman Vellani, she will return on July 28, 2023 in “Miracles,” one of many upcoming Marvel films.