Miss Marvel: 10 Facts about ClanDestine that only Marvel Comics Fans Know


Ms. Marvel is still turning Kamala Khan’s comic book origins upside down, discarding all ties to Inhumans and Terrigen Mists that gave her powers. The show surprised many comic book fans by introducing the little-known band The ClanDestine in connection with the powerful bracelet worn by Kamala. ClanDestine has nothing to do with Miss Marvel in the comics.

ClanDestine does offer some connections to the series in the way that creator Alan Davis introduced them to Marvel Comics. This morally ambiguous family of superheroes predicts the development of many genres in the 90s and early 2000s, and their appearance in the MCU may signal a similar turn in live action, when darker and more complex heroes come to the fore.


The ClanDestine comic book series tells the story of Destiny, an ancient family with superpowers. The Fates first appear in Marvel Comics Presents #158, created by writer and artist Alan Davis. Davis, responsible for the best issue of Excalibur comics, established the family’s roots in medieval England.

The family’s epic superhuman journey begins with Adam of Ravenscroft, an ordinary man who fights in the Crusades and then realizes his superhuman potential as he recovers from a severe injury.

The Discovery of the Genie

Ms. Marvel associates ClanDestine with mythical creatures often referred to as genies in stories, and this has some roots in Marvel comics. ClanDestine #5 tells about Adam’s origin and his meeting with a genie named Elalit. He meets her during the Crusades when a powerful warlord convinces him to help fight a wizard with a mysterious stone.

Adam realizes that this is a ploy by the warlord to steal the gem for the sake of its power. When he destroys it, he frees the trapped Elalith and they fall in love with each other. Their superhuman children have spawned generations of Destinies to the present day, where the action of the comic takes place.

Fighting M.O.D.O.K.

ClanDestine #1 begins with the supervillain M.O.D.O.K. trying to study Lenz, a genetically modified human who is looking for Destiny himself to help his family. purpose. becomes a constant threat in the series as they seek the power and genetic potential of the Fates to use them for evil purposes.

The central villain in the series becomes MODAM, one of the most powerful M.O.D.O.K. variants in Marvel comics. She pursues the Fates and their secrets, including the Griffin, a highly advanced device also known as the Genetic Rearrangement Output Polarity Harmonizing Orientation Network.


The ClanDestine comic book series is dedicated to two young twins from the Destin family. Rory and Pandora get their superpowers in childhood, much earlier than other family members, although their abilities only work in close connection with each other. If they are separated by a huge distance, their abilities are not activated.

Their new abilities force them to assume the identities of superheroes. They become a Crimson Crusader and a Demon respectively, although this causes great strife in the family. The family operates in secret, with strict codes of conduct dating back to the Middle Ages.

Relative Stranger Protocol

Like the ClanDestines in the MCU, the comic book family behaves with restraint. Longevity, strength, and the knowledge that Fates possess make them targets, so one of the participants, Newton, develops Relative stranger protocol. This protocol creates new identities for family members as they age and/or threaten their existence.

This has allowed many members of the family, including its patriarch Adam, to live a relatively open life throughout history. Wallop, a mighty Destiny, served in both the First and Second World War.


ClanDestine #8 reveals the secret history of Destines in the Marvel universe. This key issue provides the MCU with many possible connections to a family of live-action fighters if they so desire, including Wallop’s run-in with the Invaders. He helps them defeat a giant Nazi robot in World War II in a scene that may one day play out on screen.

Wallop’s transformation into a huge blue-skinned man scares the allies, who open fire on him. He retains his anonymity, but is close to revealing the existence of Fates to other superheroes.

Fighting the X-Men

Rory and Pandora’s confusion about their abilities makes them think they are mutants at first. This sets off a series of events that eventually lead to a major battle with the most powerful X-Men in Marvel Comics. The X-Men and The ClanDestine see the two groups fighting each other, but eventually team up to defeat a demon named Sinwright.

While “Fates” isn’t about mutants in terms of power, the MCU may eventually seize on that connection to the comics depending on how the franchise decides to present the X-Men.

Meeting with Excalibur

The original comic book series ended after only twelve issues, but Alan Davis returned for another volume in 2008. In this series, Fates teamed up with his other famous Marvel superhero squad, Excalibur.