Miranda Ray Mayo teases Stella Kidd from Chicago Fire: “May or may not” get married in the finale: She is “very superstitious”


Happily ever after? Miranda Ray Mayo is ready for fans to see the finale of the 10th season of “Chicago Fire”, even if the wedding between Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide does not go according to plan.

The California native, who joined the NBC drama Season 4 in 2016 as Stella Kidd, hinted that her character’s evolution might surprise fans.

“I think what’s really funny is that Kidd kept saying, ‘I don’t need a ring. I don’t need a wedding.” And then, as we see our couple getting closer and closer to the moment, she is more and more invested in a real wedding,” Mayo said in a teaser before the explosive finale. “It’s hysterical.”

Kidd and Severide (Taylor Kinney) waited a long time to say Yes, after Severide asked a question in season 9 when the duo were standing in a burning building.

However, earlier this season, the ups and downs of the TV duo made some viewers nervous that they might not walk down the aisle. Severid’s recent run-in with a gang of drug dealers eventually led to him proposing to the couple to get married in a week instead of waiting another four months.

However, the ceremony itself may not be as smooth as viewers hope. “Kidd is very superstitious,” Mayo said in a preview clip, noting that it would be “fun” to see how fans would react to Kidd’s newfound excitement about her big day.

Kinney, for his part, previously told us how “special” it was to shoot the long-awaited wedding, explaining that it took a lot of work and planning.

“It was a family affair. It was a big event,” the 40—year-old actor, who has been playing the lieutenant of “Squad 3” since the beginning of the show in 2012, told us on May 16.

The Pennsylvania native teased that there would be “plot twists,” but assured viewers they would “love it.”

Kinney noted that the return of Matt Casey from Jesse Spencer, who will be Severide’s best man, is something fans won’t want to miss. Spencer, 43, left the drama in October 2021 in the middle of season 10.

Last month, Chicago Fire bosses confirmed Spencer’s return as the former captain of Truck 81 in the final episode. Judging by the exclusive first photo of Us from the show, he manages to see Severid in his tuxedo and Kidd in her wedding dress.