Miranda Kerr tells the truth about her Co-parenting with Ex-Husband Orlando Bloom: “I’m very happy about it”


In the bosom! Miranda Kerr and ex-husband Orlando Bloom have found their rhythm when it comes to raising their 11-year-old son Flynn.

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“Co—parenting with Orlando and Katy [Perry] is something I’m very excited about,” the 39—year-old Australian native told Vogue Australia in his August 2022 cover, which was published on Monday, July 25.

The supermodel and the 45-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor broke up in 2013 after three years of marriage. Kerr married Evan Spiegel in 2017, with whom she had children Hart and Miles in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Bloom, for his part, got engaged to 37-year-old Perry in February 2019 after three years of dating. In August 2020, the couple had a daughter, Daisy.

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Despite the fact that their paths diverged almost 10 years ago, Kerr insists that she and the “Lord of the Rings” actor have always seen eye to eye when it came to their son’s happiness.

“From the first day when Orlando and I decided to break up, I said: “Look, no matter what we do, we have to put Flynn’s needs first, not our own.” That’s how we make our decisions,” the former Victoria’s Secret model. informed the outlet. “Family is my No. 1 priority, then work, then my company, which is like another child.”

Kerr noted that her friendship “unfortunately” comes after all her other top priorities, adding, “But it won’t always be like this.”

The founder of Kora Organics admitted that her role as a parent is something she would never trade for anything. “I just love being a mother and I’ve always wanted three boys, so I feel very lucky to have three healthy boys,” she told the magazine, revealing that another baby isn’t completely out of the question. “I feel like I’m open, so we’ll see what God decides.”

Over the years, Kerr and Bloom, as well as their loved ones, have openly talked about their dynamics of co-parenting. In July 2020, Spiegel told the WSJ about his role as Flynn’s stepfather. The magazine says that all adults are practical parents.

“What I saw from Miranda and Orlando was very different from what I experienced,” the 32—year-old Snapchat CEO explained at the time. “I’m not replacing Father Flynn in any way. I feel like I’m part of Flynn’s team.”

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The California native said he admires his wife’s “Australian manner” of letting everyone into her home, including Bloom and Perry. “That’s one of the things I like about Miranda,” Spiegel added. “Welcome everyone.”

The bond between Flynn’s parents also extends to their partners: Kerr and the “Fireworks” singer have become close friends over the years.

In July 2021, Perry shared a video on social media during a joint yoga class with the author of Treasure Yourself, in which there was a playful moment when the musician sprays mist on Kerr’s face. “You two are the cutest, I miss all the fun,” the Carnival Row actor commented on the clip.

Kerr, for her part, shared the post via her own Instagram stories and added the message “I love you” to the “Roar” performer.


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