Miracleman Officially Joins the Marvel Universe in a Stunning Cover


After months of speculation Marvel Comics has finally confirmed that the legendary but long-dormant superhero Wonderman will return to the world of comics and join the Marvel universe for the first time. famous Marvel icons. After many teasers of the Miracleman project in development, Marvel announced that Miracleman will have old stories released in new formats, and they will be integrated into the Marvel universe with a completely new adventure.

Michael Moran, who was first called Marvel Man and then switched to Miracle Man, was created in 1954 by Mick Anglo and was a popular character throughout the 50s and 60s. After not being used for many years, the renowned creative team Alan Moore and Harry Leach picked up the character in the 1980s, reinventing his origin and character development trajectory through a much darker lens, before beloved writer Neil Gaiman took over, completing the critically acclaimed character image. run.

In the recent Timeless #1 vanshot, in which Kang the Conqueror travels through time with Dr. Anatoly Petrov to prove his status as the most tenacious supervillain in the Universe, Petrov was baffled to discover the Miracle Man’s logo “MM” drawn in his notebook. This shocking ending was the first concrete hint to readers that Marvel Comics, which acquired the rights to Miraklemen back in 2013, will introduce the character in the Marvel universe for the first time. There is still very little information about what exactly Moran’s role will be in the Marvel universe, especially given his efforts to completely change his own world. However, as part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the modern reboot of Miracleman in 1982, Marvel Entertainment announced 24 versions of the covers, on which Miracleman is depicted together with his favorite Marvel superheroes, drawn by a number of killers, critically acclaimed and beloved artists such as Peach Momoko, Terry Dodson, Salvador Larroca. and Pepe Larras. Check out the covers released so far, as well as sales information when each of them will be available, below:

On sale 9/7:

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty # 4 Cover of the Wonder Man variant by Mark Bagley Moon Knight # 15 Cover of the Miracleman variant by Declan Shalvi Wolverine #25 Cover of the Miracleman variant by John Cassaday

On sale from September 14:

The cover of the version of Miracleman X-Force # 32 by Peach Momoko

On sale from September 21:

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #5 Cover version of Miracleman by Salvador Larroca

On sale on September 28:

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 42 Cover version of Miracleman by Brian Stelfries Shang-Chi and Ten Rings # 3 Cover version of Miracleman by Pepe Larraz X-Men # 15 Cover version of Miracleman by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

On sale October:

Amazing Spider-Man #11 Cover version of the Miracleman by Patrick GleasonAmazing Spider-Man #12 Cover version of the Miracleman by Gabriele Dell’ottoavengers #61 Cover version of the Miracleman by Umberto Ramos Black Panther #10 Cover version of the Miracleman TBDCaptain Marvel #42 Cover version of the Miracleman by Jamie MckelvieCarnage #7. Cover version of the Wonder Man by Francis Daredevil Lane. 7 Variant of the cover of Wonder Man by Sarah Pikelli, Iron Man # 24 Variant of the cover of Wonder Man by KubertShe-Hulk # 7 Variant of the cover of Wonder Man by Jen Bartel Strange # 7 Variant of the cover of Wonder Man by Alan Davis Thor # 29 Variant of the cover of Wonder Man by Kaare Andrews Venom # 12 Variant of the cover Wonder Man by Ryan Stegman

On sale November:

Cover of the Ghost Rider #8 Miracleman variant by Brian Hitch

The possibilities of how Wonder Man can be introduced into the Marvel universe are truly limitless, and dozens of questions remain about his integration into the Marvel canon. The super-powered Marvel character Sentry first appeared in 2000, but it was explained that the hero erased his existence from the minds of all mankind in order to save the Earth, making him an important part of the stories of most Marvel heroes. and one of the prevailing theories is that Marvel could do something similar with Wonderman’s debut in the Marvel universe. After all, his modern retcon depended on the fact that all his early stories were hallucinations that were used to put him to sleep so that he could be studied by nefarious forces, setting a huge precedent for such rewriting.

In many ways, now is the perfect time for Wonder Man to be introduced to the mainstream Marvel comics continuity, with the upcoming AXE: Judgment Day event in which all major superhero groups battle each other while the Heavenly Progenitor judges them for their past sins. . Perhaps the appearance of Wonderman in the Marvel universe will be exactly what the Avengers, the X-Men and the Eternals need to put their differences behind them and move forward as Earth’s superheroes.