Mira Sorvino, Forest Whitaker and other celebrities post tribute to Paul Sorvino


There was a tragedy recently when actor Paul Sorvino died at the age of 83. He was a man of many talents, known for playing authority figures on both sides of the law in The Nice Guys and Law & Order, singing operas in productions such as The Happiest Guy, and even sculpting the late playwright Jason Miller, based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Now Mira Sorvino, Forest Whitaker and many other celebrities have taken care to publish a touching tribute to the experienced actor.

American actress Mira Sorvino, known for being a graduate of Romy and Michelle’s high school reunion, tweeted about her father’s passing. She described him as “the most wonderful father” and tried to convey her love to him “in the stars.”

My father, the great Paul Sorvino, passed away. My heart breaks — the life of love, joy and wisdom is over with him. He was the most wonderful father. I love him so much. I send you love to the stars, Dad, when you ascend. July 25, 2022

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Actor Forest Whitaker, best known for his roles in films such as The Last King of Scotland, paid tribute to Sorvino by posting a photo of them both appearing in the Epix series The Godfather of Harlem. He sent comfort and love to his family, as well as many blessings.

It was especially nice to sit in silence with the great Paul Sorvino, discussing life’s games. I send a lot of comfort and love to his family and wish them all eternal blessings, love and light. pic.twitter.com/0Ea3uh7gZI25 July 2022

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Actress Marlee Matlin, whose latest film CODA caught Oscar attention when it won the Best Picture award, also posted a tribute to the late actor as they both appeared in the movie “Redemption” in 2013. She was lucky to have had the opportunity to work with a great New Yorker, and she remembered his talent and generosity.

I’m so lucky to have worked with the great Paul Sorvino. And now I am so sad to read about his passing. He was not only kind, he was such a talented and such a generous actor. I send my love to Mira and the rest of the family. He will definitely be missed. TEAR UP. pic.twitter.com/bgnSMEXPJc25 July 2022

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Ralph Macchio from The Karate Kid, who today is known for revising his role as Daniel LaRusso in “Cobra Kai,” shared on Twitter a photo of him and the “Nice Guys” actor on the set of their movie “The Missing Cat Crown.” He called him one of the “most loyal” and “honest” actors he had the pleasure of meeting.

The great Paul Sorvino. So many memorable roles in so many genres. #RIP to one of the most truthful and honest actors I’ve had the pleasure of working with and getting to know. pic.twitter.com/RKeVeBiv7625 July 2022

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Songwriter Diane Warren also tweeted about Paul Sorvino. The following tweet is sure to mention the recent demise of beloved actors such as Misery star James Caan and Field of Dreams star Ray Liotta. With these three deceased actors known for their iconic roles in crime dramas, the “Rhythm of the Night” songwriter predicts that a remake of “Nice Guys” is happening right now upstairs./The Godfather.”

Ray Liotta, James Caan, and now Paul Sorvino, we can be sure that right now a cool mashup of “Nice Guys” and “The Godfather” is being filmed in heaven! 🎬💔July 25, 2022

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In addition to acting, the main character of “Blood Brothers” was the loving husband of political expert Dee Dee Benka, whom he married in 2014. Sorvino also had three children — Mira, Michael and Amanda Sorvino from his first marriage to Lorraine Davis. He and Amanda also helped pass the Prevention of Horse Slaughter in America Act in Washington, D.C., which prohibits the slaughter of horses for human consumption. This man also launched Paul Sorvino Foods to sell a range of pasta sauces, and also became a co-owner of Janson-Beckett Cosmeceuticals.

Paul Sorvino made a touching impression not only on the entertainment world, but also on the people around him. You can watch his performance in “Nice Guys” on a Netflix subscription.


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